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William Still
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Young, Anna Elizabeth, (with babe in arms,) 507.


* * * * *

At the closing meeting of the PENNSYLVANIA ANTI-SLAVERY SOCIETY, held in
Philadelphia, May 5, 1870, the following was unanimously passed: 

Whereas, The position of WILLIAM STILL in the Vigilance Committee connected with the “UNDERGROUND RAILROAD,” as its Corresponding Secretary, and Chairman of its Active Sub-Committee, gave him peculiar facilities for collecting interesting facts pertaining to this branch of the anti-slavery service; therefore,

Resolved, That the PENNSYLVANIA ANTI-SLAVERY SOCIETY requests him to compile and publish his personal reminiscences and experiences relating to the “UNDERGROUND RAILROAD.”

* * * * *

HON.  JOHN W. FORNEY, in a letter to the Washington Sunday Chronicle, said: 

“Slavery and its mysterious inner life has never yet been described.  When it is, Reality will surpass Fiction.  Uncle Tom’s Cabin will be rebuilt and newly garnitured.  A book, detailing the operations of the ‘UNDERGROUND RAILROAD,’ is soon to be published in Philadelphia, by WM. STILL, Esq., an intelligent colored gentleman, which, composed entirely of facts, will supply material for indefinite dramas and romances.  It will disclose a record of unparalleled courage and suffering for the right.” * * * * *

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