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to leave again soon, I must proceed.  ‘Well,’ said he, ’you go on; I am just going over to M., and will be back in a few minutes.’  We started for his house, and he towards M., but we had only gone a short distance, when he overtook us, exclaiming:  ‘I can’t go to M.,’ and began talking to Ann Maria, asking her all about her friends and relatives, whom they had left behind, and about his old master, and his wife’s master, from whom they had run away four years before.  As we approached the house, he said:  ’I will go and open the gate, and have a good fire to warm you.’  When he came up to the gate, he met his wife, who was returning from a store or neighbor’s house, and he said to her, ‘That’s Ann Maria coming yonder.’  She stopped until we came to the gate; the tears were rolling from her eyes, and she exclaimed:  ’Ann Maria, is it you?’ The girl leaped from the wagon, and they fell on each other’s necks, weeping and rejoicing.  Such a scene I never before witnessed.  She, who had been given up as lost, was now found!  She, who but a short time before, had been, as they supposed, a slave for life, was now free.
We soon entered the house, and after the first gush of feeling had somewhat subsided, they both began a general inquiry about the friends they had left behind.  Every now and then, the aunt would break out:  ’My child, you are here!  Thank God, you are free!  We were talking about you today, and saying, we shall never see you again; and now here you are with us.’  I remained about an hour and a half with them, took dinner, and then started for home, rejoicing that I had been to a land where colored men are free.
This Mr. Bradley, who ran away with himself and wife about four years ago from the land of whips and chains, is the owner of two farms, and is said to be worth three thousand dollars.  Can slaves take care of themselves?”
You may well suppose that the receipt of this letter gave us great pleasure, and called forth heartfelt thanksgiving to Him, who had watched over this undertaking, and protected all concerned in it.  A bright and promising girl had been rescued from the untold miseries of a slave woman’s life, and found a good home, where she would have an opportunity to acquire an education and be trained for a useful and happy life.  Mr. Bradley intended to send for her parents, and hoped to prevail on them to come and live with him.

    Truly yours,



Whose name belongs to the history of the Underground Rail Road, owed his peculiarly fine nature to a mother of large physical proportions, and correspondingly liberal mental and spiritual endowments.  She was a natural sovereign in the sphere in which she moved, and impressed her son with the qualities which made his Anti-slavery life nothing but an expression of the rules of conduct which governed him in all other

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