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a very irregular manner; that this had been the cause of much dissatisfaction and complaint, and that the necessity for a remedy of this state of things was generally felt.  Hence, the call for this meeting.  It was intended now to organize a committee, which should be composed of persons of known responsibility, and who could be relied upon to act systematically and promptly, and with the least possible expenditure of money in all cases that might require their attention.
James Mott and Samuel Nickless, expressed their hearty concurrence in what had been said, as did also B.N.  Goines and N.W.  Depee.  The opinion was also expressed by one or more of these gentlemen, that the organization to be formed should be of the simplest possible character; with no more machinery or officers than might be necessary to hold it together and keep it in proper working order.  After some discussion, it was agreed first to form a general committee, with a chairman, whose business it should be to call meetings when necessity should seem to require it, and to preside at the same; and a treasurer to take charge of the funds; and second, to appoint out of this general committee, an acting committee of four persons, who should have the responsibility of attending to every case that might require their aid, as well as the exclusive authority to raise the funds necessary for their purpose.  It was further agreed that it should be the duty of the chairman of the Acting Committee to keep a record of all their doings, and especially of the money received and expended on behalf of every case claiming their interposition.

    The following persons were appointed on the General Vigilance


    Robert Purvis,
    William Still,

    Charles H. Bustill,
    P. Williamson,

    Samuel Nickless,
    B.N.  Goines,

    Morris Hall,
    J.M.  M’Kim,

    Nathaniel Depee,
    Isaiah O. Wears,

    Charles Wise,
    John D. Oliver,

    Jacob C. White,
    Prof.  C.L.  Reason,

    Cyrus Whitson,
    Henry Gordon,

    J. Asher,
    W.H.  Riley,

    J.P.  Burr,

Robert Purvis was understood to be Chairman of the General Committee, having been nominated at the head of the list, and Charles Wise was appointed treasurer.  The Acting Committee was thus constituted: 

    William Still, chairman, N.W.  Depee, Passmore Williamson, J.C. 
    White.  This Committee was appointed for the term of one year.

    On motion, the proceedings of this meeting were ordered to be
    published in the “Pennsylvania Freeman.”


    William Still, Secretary.  Samuel Nickless, Chairman.

The Committee having been thus organized, J.M.  McKim, corresponding secretary and general agent of the Pennsylvania Anti-slavery Society, issued the subjoined notice, which was published shortly afterwards in the “Pennsylvania Freeman,” and the colored churches throughout the city: 

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