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What prompted James to leave such pleasant quarters?  It was this:  He had become enamored of a young and respectable free girl in Richmond, with whom he could not be united in marriage solely because he was a slave, and did not own himself.  The frequent sad separations of such married couples (where one or the other was a slave) could not be overlooked; consequently, the poor fellow concluded that he would stand a better chance of gaining his object in Canada than by remaining in Virginia.  So he began to feel that he might himself be sold some day, and thus the resolution came home to him very forcibly to make tracks for Canada.

In speaking of the good treatment he had always met with, a member of the Committee remarked, “You must be akin to some one of your master’s family?” To which he replied, “I am Christian’s son.”  Unquestionably this passenger was one of that happy class so commonly referred to by apologists for the “Patriarchal Institution.”  The Committee, feeling a deep interest in his story, and desiring great success to him in his Underground efforts to get rid of slavery, and at the same time possess himself of his affianced, made him heartily welcome, feeling assured that the struggles and hardships he had submitted to in escaping, as well as the luxuries he was leaving behind, were nothing to be compared with the blessings of liberty and a free wife in Canada.

* * * * *


“TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD.—­The above Reward will be paid for the apprehension of two blacks, who escaped on Sunday last.  It is supposed they have made their way to Pennsylvania. $500 will be paid for the apprehension of either, so that we can get them again.  The oldest is named Edward Morgan, about five feet six or seven inches, heavily made—­is a dark black, has rather a down look when spoken to, and is about 21 years of age.

    “Henry Johnson is a colored negro, about five feet seven or
    eight inches, heavily made, aged nineteen years, has a pleasant
    countenance, and has a mark on his neck below the ear.

    “Stephen Butler is a dark-complexioned negro, about five feet
    seven inches; has a pleasant countenance, with a scar above his
    eye; plays on the violin; about twenty-two years old.

“Jim Butler is a dark-complexioned negro, five feet eight or nine inches; is rather sullen when spoken to; face rough; aged about twenty-one years.  The clothing not recollected.  They had black frock coats and slouch hats with them.  Any information of them address Elizabeth Brown, Sandy Hook P.O., or of Thomas Johnson, Abingdon P.O., Harford county, Md.




The following memorandum is made, which, if not too late, may afford some light to “Elizabeth Brown and Thomas Johnson,” if they have not already gone the way of the “lost cause”—­

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