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“I have come to see you instead of Mr. Geo. F. Alberti, to whom you addressed a note, this morning.  Circumstances, over which Mr. A. had no control, prevented his coming, so I have come, madam, to look after your business in his place.  Now, madam, I wish it to be distinctly understood in the outset, that whatever transpires between us, so far as this business is concerned, must be kept strictly confidential, by no means, must this matter be allowed to leak out; if it does, the darned abolitionists (excuse me), may ruin me; at any rate we should not be able to succeed in getting your slave.  I am particular on this point, remember.”

“You are perfectly right, Sir, indeed I am very glad that your plan is to conduct this matter in this manner, for I do not want my name mixed up with it in any way.”

“Very well, madam, I think we understand each other pretty well; now please give me the name of the fugitive, his age, size, and color, and where he may be found, how long he has been away, and the witness who can be relied on to identify him after he is arrested.”

Miss Wilson carefully communicated these important particulars, while Mr. Whitson faithfully penciled down every word.  At the close of the interview he gave her to understand that the matter should be attended to immediately, and that he thought there would be no difficulty in securing the fugitive.  “You shall hear from me soon, madam, good afternoon.”

In five minutes after this interview Whitson was back to the Anti-slavery Office with all Miss Wilson’s secrets.  The first thing to be attended was to send a messenger to the place where the fugitive was at work, with a view of securing his safety; this was a success.  The man was found, and, frightened almost out of his wits, he dropped all and followed the messenger, who bore him the warning.  In the meanwhile Mr. McKim was preparing, with great dispatch, the subjoined document for the enlightenment and warning of all.



Miss WILSON, of Georgetown Cross Roads, Kent county, Md., is now in the city in pursuit of her alleged slave man, BUTLER.  J.M.  Cummings and John Wilson, of the same place, are understood to be here on a similar errand.  This is to caution BUTLER and his friends to be on their guard.  Let them keep clear of the above-named individuals.  Also, let them have an eye on all persons known to be friends of Dr. High, of Georgetown Cross Roads, and Mr. D.B.  Cummings, who is not of Georgetown Cross Roads.
It is requested that all parties to whom a copy of this may be sent will post it in a public place, and that the friends of Freedom and Humanity will have the facts herein contained openly read in their respective churches.

    “Hide the outcast; bewray not him that wandereth.”  Isaiah xvi.

    “Thou shalt not deliver unto his master the servant that has
    escaped from his master unto thee.”  Deut. xxiii. 15.

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