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He left no parents living, but six brothers and four sisters, all slaves with the exception of one brother who had bought himself.  In order to defend themselves if molested on the road, the boys had provided themselves with pistols and dirks, and declared that they were fully bent on using them rather than be carried back to slavery.

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$200 REWARD.—­Ran away from the subscriber, (Levi Pumphrey,) two NEGRO MEN—­one, named “Hanson,” about forty years old, with one eye out, about 5 feet 4 inches in height, full, bushy hair and whiskers and copper color.  “Gusta” is about 21 years or 22 years of age, smooth face and thick lips, and stoops in his walk; black color, about 5 feet 5 or 6 inches in height; took away sundry articles of clothing.

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    I will give one hundred dollars for each of them, if secured in
    jail so that I can get them.


    Washington City, D.C.


These four fugitives were full of enthusiasm for Canada, although by no means among the worst abused of their class.

Hanson was about forty years of age, with apparently a good degree of intellect, and of staid principles.

In the above advertisement clipped from the Baltimore Sun, he is more fully described by Mr. Levi Pumphrey; it can now be taken for what it is worth.  But, as Hanson left home suddenly without apprising his owner, or any of his owner’s intimate white friends, of the circumstances which led him to thus leave, his testimony and explanation, although late, may not be wholly uninteresting to Mr. Levi Pumphrey and others who took an interest in the missing “Hanson.”  “How have you had it in slavery?” he was asked.  “I have had it pretty rough,” answered Hanson.  “Who held you in bondage, and how have you been treated?” “I was owned by Levi Pumphrey, an old man with one eye, a perfect savage; he allowed no privileges of any kind, Sunday or Monday.”

Gusta, who was also described in Pumphrey’s advertisement, was a rugged-looking specimen, and his statement tended to strengthen Hanson’s in every particular.  It was owing to the bad treatment of Pumphrey, that Gusta left in the manner that he did.

After deciding to take his departure for Canada, he provided himself with a Colt’s revolver, and resolved that if any man should attempt to put his hand on him while he was on the “King’s highway,” he would shoot him down, not excepting his old master.

$150 REWARD.—­Ran away from the subscriber, living near Upper Marlboro’, Prince George’s county, Md., on the 11th day of September, 1858, a negro man, “Nace,” who calls himself “Nace Shaw;” is forty-five years of age, about five feet 8 or 9 inches high, of a copper color, full suit of hair, except a bald place upon the top of his head.  He has a mother living in Washington city, on South B street, No. 212 Island.

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