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to-night, after which I trust they will be out of reach of their pursuers.  Now for the bad news.  That old scoundrel, who applied to me some three weeks since, pretending that he wished me to assist him in getting his seven slaves into a free state, to avoid the sheriff, and which I agreed to do, if he would bring them here; but positively refused to send for them.  Ten days since I received another letter from him, saying that the sheriff had been there, and taken away two of the children, which he wished me to raise money to purchase and set free, and then closed by saying that his other slaves, a man, his wife, and three children had left the same evening and he had no doubt I would find them at a colored man’s house, he named, here, and wished me to ascertain at once and let him know.  I at once was convinced he wished to know so as to have them arrested and taken back.  I found the man had arrived; but the woman and children had given out, and he left them with a colored family in Cecil.  I wrote him word the family had not got here, but said nothing of the man being here.  On seventh day evening I saw a colored woman from the neighborhood; she told me that the owner and sheriff were out hunting five days for them before they found them, and says there is not a greater hypocrite in that part of the world.  I wrote him a letter yesterday letting him know just what I thought of him.

    Your Friend,


* * * * *



    WILMINGTON, 8th mo. 21st, 1858.

ESTEEMED FRIEND:—­WILLIAM STILL:—­This is my 69th birth-day, and I do not know any better way to celebrate it in a way to accord with my feelings, than to send to thee two fugitives, man and wife; the man has been here a week waiting for his wife, who is expected in time to leave at 9 this evening in the cars for thy house with a pilot, who knows where thee lives, but I cannot help but feel some anxiety about the woman, as there is great commotion just now in the neighborhood where she resides.  There were 4 slaves betrayed near the Maryland line by a colored man named Jesse Perry a few nights since.  One of them made a confidant of him, and he agreed to pilot them on their way, and had several white men secreted to take them as soon as they got in his house; he is the scoundrel that was to have charge of the 7 I wrote you about two weeks since; their master was to take or send them there, and he wanted me to send for them.  I have since been confirmed it was a trap set to catch one of our colored men and me likewise, but it was no go.  I suspected him from the first, but afterwards was fully confirmed in my suspicions.  We have found the two Rust boys, John and Elsey Bradley, who the villain of a Bust took out of jail and sold to a trader of the name of Morris, who sold them
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