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George Robinson stated that he came from a place about one and a half miles from the Chesapeake Bay, one mile from Old town, and five miles from Elkton, and was owned by Samuel Smith, a farmer, who was “pretty cross and an ill man.”  George’s excuse for withdrawing his valuable services from Mr. Smith at the time that he did, was attributable to the fact, that he entertained fears that they were about to sell him.  Having cautiousness largely developed he determined to reach Canada and keep out of danger.  George was only twenty-one, passable-looking in appearance, and of a brown color, and when speaking, stammered considerably.

Priscilla Gardener fled from the widow Hilliard.  Her master departed to his long home not a great while before she left.  Priscilla was a young woman of about thirty years of age, ordinary size, and of a ginger-bread color; modest in demeanor.  She first commenced her bondage in Richmond, under the late Benjamin Hilliard, of whom she said that he was “a very bad man, who could never be pleased by a servant,” and was constantly addicted to fighting not only with others, but also with herself.  So cruelly had Priscilla been treated, that when he died she did not hesitate to say that she was glad.  Soon after this event, sick of Slavery and unwilling to serve the widow any longer, she determined to escape, and succeeded.

Joshua John Anderson fled from a farmer who was said to be a poor man, by the name of Skelton Price, residing in Baltimore county, near a little village called Alexandria, on the Harford county turn-pike road.  Price, not able to own a farm and slaves too, rented one, and was trying to “get up in the world.”  Price had a wife and family, but in the way of treatment, Joshua did not say anything very hard against him.  As his excuse for leaving them, he said, coolly, that he had made up his mind that he could get along better in freedom than he could in Slavery, and that no man had a right to his labor without paying him for it.  He left his mother and also three brothers and two sisters owned by Price.  Joshua was about twenty-two years of age, of a coarse make, and a dark hue; he had evidently held but little intercourse with any class, save such as he found in the corn-field and barn-yard.

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Physically, Dick was hardly up to the ordinary stature of slaves, but mentally he had the advantage of the masses; he was too sharp to be kept in Slavery.  His hue was perfect, no sign of white about him, if that were any advantage.

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