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This was the first instance of death on the Underground Rail Road in this region.

The Committee were indebted to the medical services of the well-known friends of the fugitive, Drs. J.L.  Griscom and H.T.  Childs, whose faithful services were freely given; and likewise to Mrs. H.S.  Duterte and Mrs. Williams, who generously performed the offices of charity and friendship at his burial.

From his companion, who passed on Canada-ward without delay, we received a letter, from which, as an item of interest, we make the following extract: 

“I am enjoying good health, and hope when this reaches you, you may be enjoying the same blessing.  Give my love to Mr. ——­, and family, and tell them I am in a land of liberty!  I am a man among men!” (The above was addressed to the deceased.)

The subjoined letter, from Rev. L.D.  Mansfield, expressed on behalf of Romulus’ companion, his sad feelings on hearing of his friend’s death.  And here it may not be inappropriate to add, that clearly enough is it to be seen, that Rev. Mansfield was one of the rare order of ministers, who believed it right “to do unto others as one would be done by” in practice, not in theory merely, and who felt that they could no more be excused for “falling down,” in obedience to the Fugitive Slave Law under President Fillmore, than could Daniel for worshiping the “golden image” under Nebuchadnezzar.

    AUBURN, NEW YORK, MAY 4TH, 1857.

DEAR BR.  STILL:—­Henry Lemmon wishes me to write to you in reply to your kind letter, conveying the intelligence of the death of your fugitive guest, Geo. Weems.  He was deeply affected at the intelligence, for he was most devotedly attached to him and had been for many years.  Mr. Lemmon now expects his sister to come on, and wishes you to aid her in any way in your power—­as he knows you will.
He wishes you to send the coat and cap of Weems by his sister when she comes.  And when you write out the history of Weems’ escape, and it is published, that you would send him a copy of the papers.  He has not been very successful in getting work yet.

    Mr. and Mrs. Harris left for Canada last week.  The friends made
    them a purse of $15 or $20, and we hope they will do well.

    Mr. Lemmon sends his respects to you and Mrs. Still.  Give my
    kind regards to her and accept also yourself,

    Yours very truly,


* * * * *



This arrival came by Steamer.  But they neither came in State-room nor as Cabin, Steerage, or Deck passengers.

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