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William Still
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    Arrival from virginia, 1860.

    Arrival from baltimore, 1860.

    Arrival from Maryland.

    Arrival from Fredericksburg, 1860.

    Sundry arrivals from Maryland, 1860.

    Crossing the bay in A batteau.

    Arrival from Dorchester county, 1860.

    Arrival from Maryland, 1860.

    Twelve months in the woods, 1860.

    Arrival from Maryland.

    A slave catcher caught in his own trap.

    To whom it might concern.

    Arrival from Richmond, 1858.

    Arrival from Richmond, 1859.

    Arrival from Richmond.

    “Aunt Hannah Moore.”

    Kidnapping of Rachel and Elizabeth Parker—­murder of Joseph C.
    Miller, in 1851 and 1852.

    Arrival from virginia, 1854.

    Arrival from Norfolk.

    Arrival of fifteen from Norfolk, virginia.

    The case of Euphemia Williams.

    Helpers and sympathizers at home and abroad—­interesting

    Pamphlet and letters.

    Letters to the writer.

    Woman escaping in A box, 1857.

    Organization of the vigilance committee.

    Portraits and sketches.

    Esther Moore.

    Abigail Goodwin.

    Thomas Garrett.

    Daniel Gibbons.

    Lucretia Mott.

    James miller McKIM.

    William H. Furness, D.D.

    William Lloyd Garrison.

    Lewis Tappan.

    Elijah F. Pennypacker.

    William wright.

    Dr. Bartholomew Fussell.

    Thomas Shipley.

    Robert Purvis.

    John Hunn.

    Samuel Rhoads.

    George Corson.

    Charles D. Cleveland.

    William whipper.

    Isaac T. Hopper.

    Samuel D. Burris.

    Mariann, grace Anna, and Elizabeth R. Lewis.

    Cunningham’s Rache.

    Frances Ellen Watkins Harper.



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In the long list of names who have suffered and died in the cause of freedom, not one, perhaps, could be found whose efforts to redeem a poor family of slaves were more Christlike than Seth Concklin’s, whose noble and daring spirit has been so long completely shrouded in mystery.  Except John Brown, it is a question, whether his rival could be found with respect to boldness, disinterestedness and willingness to be sacrificed for the deliverance of the oppressed.

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