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The provocation for which his fellow-servant was killed, was said to be very trifling.  In a moment of rage, his young master, John Piper, plunged the blade of a small knife into Perry’s groin, which resulted in his death twenty-six hours afterwards.  For one day only the young master kept himself concealed, then he came forward and said he “did it in self-defense,” and there the matter ended.  The half will never be told of the barbarism of Slavery.

Perry’s letter subjoined, explains where he went, and how his mind was occupied with thoughts of his wife, children and friends.

    ST. CATHARINES, C.W.  June 21, 1857.

DEAR SIR.—­I take this opportunity to inform you that I am well at present, and hope that these few lines may find you injoying the same Blessing, I have Been for some time now, But have not written to you Before, But you must Excuse me.  I want you to give my Respects to all my inquiring friends and to my wife, I should have let you know But I was afraid and all three of my little children too, P.H.  Trusty if he was mine Wm. T. Trusty and to Alexander I have been A man agge But was assurd nuthin, H. Trusty, a hard grand citt.  I should lie know how times is, Henry Turner if you get this keep it and read it to yourself and not let any one else But yourself, tell ann Henry, Samuel Henry, Jacob Bryant, Wm Claton, Mr James at Almira Receved at Mr Jones house the Best I could I have Been healthy since I arrived here.  My Best Respect to all and my thanks for past favours.  No more at present But Remain youre obedented Servent &c.


    Please send me an answer as son as you get this, and, oblige


George Rhoads is a young man of twenty-five years of age, chestnut color, face round, and hating Slavery heartily.  He had come from under the control of John P. Dellum a farmer, and a crabbed master, who “would swear very much when crossed, and would drink moderately every day,” except sometimes he would “take a spree,” and would then get pretty high.  Withal he was a member of the Presbyterian church at Perryville, Maryland; he was a single man and followed farming.  Within the last two or three years, he had sold a man and woman; hence, George thought it was time to take warning.  Accordingly he felt it to be his duty to try for Canada, via Underground Rail Road.  As his master had always declared that if one run off, he would sell the rest to Georgia, George very wisely concluded that as an effort would have to be made, they had better leave their master with as “few as possible to be troubled with selling.”  Consequently, a consultation was had between the brothers, which resulted in the exit of a party of eight.  The market price for George would be about $1400.  A horrid example professed Christians set before the world, while holding slaves and upholding Slavery.

James Rhoads, brother of George, was twenty-three years of age, medium size, dark color, intelligent and manly, and would doubtless have brought, in the Richmond market, $1700.  Fortunately he brought his wife and child with him.  James was also held by the same task-master who held George.  Often had he been visited with severe stripes, and had borne his full share of suffering from his master.

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