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I have seen Mr. Beans whip one of his slaves to death, at the tree to which he was tied.

Mr. Henry would make them lie down across a log, stripped naked, and with every stroke would lay the flesh open.  Being used to it, some would lie on the log without being tied.

In New Orleans, I have seen women stretched out just as naked as my hand, on boxes, and given one hundred and fifty lashes, four men holding them.  I have helped hold them myself:  when released they could hardly sit or walk.  This whipping was at the “Fancy House.”

The “chain-gangs” he also saw in constant operation.  Four and five slaves chained together and at work on the streets, cleaning, &c., was a common sight.  He could hardly tell Sunday from Monday in New Orleans, the slaves were kept so constantly going.

* * * * *


    ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD.—­Ran away from Richmond City on
    Tuesday, the 2d of June, a negro man named WM. N. TAYLOR,
    belonging to Mrs. Margaret Tyler of Hanover county.

    [Illustration:  ]

Said negro was hired to Fitzhugh Mayo, Tobacconist; is quite black, of genteel and easy manners, about five feet ten or eleven inches high, has one front tooth broken, and is about 35 years old.
He is supposed either to have made his escape North, or attempted to do so.  The above reward will be paid for his delivery to Messrs. Hill and Rawlings, in Richmond, or secured in jail, so that I get him again.

    JAS. G. TYLER, Trustee for Margaret Tyler.

    June 8th &c2t—­

    Richmond Enquirer, June 9, 57.

William unquestionably possessed a fair share of common sense, and just enough distaste to Slavery to arouse him most resolutely to seek his freedom.

The advertisement of James G. Tyler was not altogether accurate with regard to his description of William; but notwithstanding, in handing William down to posterity, the description of Tyler has been adopted instead of the one engrossed in the records by the Committee.  But as a simple matter of fair play, it seems fitting, that the description given by William, while on the Underground Rail Road, of his master, &c., should come in just here.

William acknowledged that he was the property of Walter H. Tyler, brother of EX-PRESIDENT TYLER, who was described as follows:  “He (master) was about sixty-five years of age; was a barbarous man, very intemperate, horse racer, chicken-cock fighter and gambler.  He had owned as high as forty head of slaves, but he had gambled them all away.  He was a doctor, circulated high amongst southerners, though he never lived agreeably with his wife, would curse her and call her all kinds of names that he should not call a lady.  From a boy of nine up to the time I was fifteen or sixteen, I don’t reckon he whipped me less than a hundred times.  He shot at me once with a double-barrelled gun.

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