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PART OF THE ARRIVALS IN DECEMBER, 1855.  Thomas J. Gooseberry and others.

    The fugitive slave bill of 1850.  “An Act Respecting Fugitives
    from Justice, and Persons Escaping from the Services of their

    The slave hunting tragedy in Lancaster county, in September,
    1851.  “Treason at Christiana”.

    William and Ellen craft.  Female Slave in Male Attire, fleeing as
    a Planter, with her Husband as her Body Servant.

    Arrivals from Richmond.  Lewis Cobb and Nancy Brister.

    Passengers from north Carolina, [By schooner.] Major Latham,
    William Wilson, Henry Goram, Wiley Madison, and Andrew Shepherd.

    Thomas Clinton, Sauney Pry and Benjamin Ducket.  Passed over the
    U.G.R.R. in the Fall of 1856.

    Arrivals in April, 1856.  Charles Hall and others.

    Five from Georgetown cross-roads.  Mother and Child from Norfolk,
    Va., &c.

    Passengers from Maryland.  William Henry Moody, Belinda Bivans,

    Arrival from Maryland.

    Arrival from Washington, D.C., &c., 1857.  George Carroll,
    Randolph Branson, John Clagart and William Royan.

    Arrival from Unionville, 1857.  Israel Todd and Bazil Aldridge.

    Arrival from Maryland, 1857.  Ordee Lee and Richard J. Booce.

    Arrival from Cambridge, 1857.  Silas Long and Solomon Light—­“The
    Mother of Twelve Children”—­Old Jane Davis.

    Benjamin Ross and his wife Harriet Fled from Caroline County,
    Eastern Shore of Maryland, June, 1857.

    Arrival from virginia, 1857.

    Arrival from Delaware, 1857.

    Arrival from Alexandria, in 1857.

    Arrival from Unionville, 1857.

    From new Orleans, 1857.

    Arrival from Washington, D.C.

    Arrival from virginia, 1857.

    Arrival from Maryland.

    Arrival from Georgetown cross roads and Alexandria.

    Arrival from Maryland.

    Arrival from Norfolk, va.

    Arrival from Washington, D.C.

    Four able bodied “Articles” In one arrival, 1857.

    Arrival from Arlington, Md., 1857.

    Five passengers, 1847.

    Arrival from Howard county, Md., 1857.

    Arrival from Prince George’s county, Md.

    Arrival from Rappahannock county, 1857.

    Arrival from north Carolina, 1857.

    Alfred Hollon, george and Charles N. Rodgers.

    Arrival from Kent county, 1857.

    Arrival from baltimore county, 1857.

    Mary Cooper and Moses Armstead, 1857.

    Arrival from near Washington, D.C.

    Hon.  L. McLANE’S property, soon after his death, travels via the
    underground rail road—­William Knight, Esq.  Loses A superior

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