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(26.) R.  Bosworth Smith. “Mohammed and Mohammedanism.” 1874.  A brilliant, but essentially unfair book, Christianity being extolled in theory, but sneered at in practice.  We are too forcibly reminded of “Brutus is an honourable man.”  His own accusation of others falls upon himself.  P. 61, he says—­“Most other writers have approached the subject only to prove a thesis.  Mohammed was to be either a hero or an impostor:  they have held a brief for the prosecution or the defence.”

(27.) S.  Lane-Poole. “The Moors in Spain.”  “Story of the Nations” Series. 1887.  A clever and popular compilation from De Gayangos’ translation of Al Makkari, Dozy, Southey’s “Chronicle of the Cid,” and Washington Irving’s “Granada.”

(28.) Blunt. “Dictionary of Sects, Heresies, and Schools of Thought.” 1874.  The articles on Mohammedanism, the Adoptionists, and others I have found very useful.  There is, however, nothing said of the Priscillianists (of Spain), or the Druses.

(29.) Hughes. “Dictionary of Islam.”

(30.) The Koran. Sale’s edition.

(31.) Encyclopaedia Metropolitana. Vol. xi.

(32.) Encyclopaedia Britannica. Article on Averroes.


(a.) Lockhart’s “Spanish Ballads.” 1823.  Reprint, with Introduction, in the “Chandos Classics.”

(b.) Southey’s “Chronicle of the Cid.”  Reprinted, with Introduction, in the “Chandos Classics.”  A truly admirable translation.

(c.) Southey’s “Roderic,” with many interesting notes.

(d.) Scott’s “Don Roderic.”


(a.) Romey. “Histoire D’Espagne.” 1839. 4 vols.

(b.) Reinaud. “Invasion des Sarrasins.” 1836.

(c.) Moshieim. “Institutes of Ecclesiastical History.”  Translated by Murdoch. 1845.




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