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(p.) Cyprianus, arch-priest of Cordova.  “Epigrammata.”  Sidenote:  Ibid., p. 567.

(q.) Samson, priest of St Zoilus at Cordova, Abbot of the Monastery of Pegnamellar, died 890. (See Epigram or Epitaph of Cyprianus.) “Apologeticus Liber contra perfidos” (Jan. 1, 863).

(r.) Jonas Aurelianensis.  “De cultu imaginum.”  An Answer to
Claudius, Bishop of Turin (842). 
    Sidenote:  Florez, xi. 300-516.

(s.) De Translatione SS.  Martyrum Georgii Monachi, Aurelii et
Nathaliae ex urbe Cordubae Parisios auctore Aimoino monacho:  from
Usuard and Odilard, monks. 
    Sidenote:  Migne, cxv. pp. 939 ff.

(t.) Vita Johannis Abbatis Gorziensis (died 973), by John, Abbot of
St Arnulph. 
    Sidenote:  Ibid., cxxxvii. pp. 239-310.

(u.) John of Cirita, Abbot of Tharauca, in Spain. 
    Sidenote:  Ibid., clxxxviii. pp. 1661-1671.

(v.) Life of St Rudesindus.
    Sidenote:  Florez, xviii. 379 ff.

(w.) Passio St Nicholai Alsamae regis filii et sociorum martyrum qui passi sunt apud Ledesmam.  A purely fabulous account. 
    Sidenote:  Florez, xiv., 392.

(x.) Vita et passio B. Virginis Argenteae et comitum eius qui passi sunt Cordobae, Id.  Maii. 
    Sidenote:  Florez.

(y.) Life of Beatus, by an anonymous author.  Not very trustworthy,—­e.g., death of Elipandus placed in 798 (sec. 8):  mythical council mentioned (sec. 7). 
    Sidenote:  Migne, xcvi. 890-894

And the following Charters, etc.:—­

  Of Alfonso III. to the Church of Auria, 826. 
    Sidenote:  Florez, xvii. 244.

  Of the same to the Church of Mindumnetum, 867. 
    Sidenote:  Ibid., xviii. 312.

  Of Bermudo II. (982-999) to the Church of Compostella. 
    Sidenote:  Ibid., xvii. 397.

Assembly of Bishops pro restauratione monasterii St Mariae de Logio a parentibus Rudesindi instaurati, 927. 
    Sidenote:  Ibid., xvii. 326


(1.) “Histoire generale d’Espagne” par Loys de Mayerne Turguet.  Book xvi. (1608.)
    Sidenote:  Schott.

(2.) John de Mariana.[1] “History of Spain.”  Books vi.-xi., translated from the Spanish by John Stevens. (1699.)

    [1] Dr Dunham says of his work:  “It is well that it is sunk in
    oblivion.  No one reads it in Spain.”

(3.) Fleury, “History of the Church,” translated from the French. (1727.) Vol. v.  Books xli. ff.

(4.) Morales.  “Remarks on the State of the Christian Religion under the Arabs at Cordova.” 
    Sidenote:  Migne, cxv. p. 917.

(5.) Froben.  “Dissertatio Historica de haeresi Elipandi et Felicis.” 
    Sidenote:  Ibid., 305-336.

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