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“Speaking French don’t make a Canadian,” answered Elisa.  “The Honorable says every one who is native in Canada is a Canadian, speak he French, speak he English.”

“O, well—­the Honorable—­the Honorable—­” retorted Henri, testily.

While this went on, the voice of Josephte could be heard singing low and happy, in a corner of the walk of pines which surrounded the garden and the back of the grounds: 

“Eglantine est la fleur que j’aime
La violette est ma couleur...."[H]

Next, lower, but as if stirred softly by the lingering strain rather than feeling its sadness: 

[Footnote H:  “Eglantine is the flower I love,
              My color is the violet”]

“....Dans le souci tu vois l’embleme
Des chagrins de mon triste coeur."[I]

[Footnote I: 

“....The symbol shall the emblem prove
Of my sad heart and eyelids wet”]

When she got thus far, she stopped and called out, cheerfully:—­“Come along, my little ones; come along; come along and recite your duties!” And in a trice they all raced in and were panting in a row about her.

Thus one sultry afternoon, Mr. Chrysler found her sitting, book and sewing on her lap and only a rosary about her neck to relieve the modest black dress, whose folds,

“Plain in their neatness,” accorded well with her indefinably gentle bearing.  Seeing him, she stopped and dropped her head, like a good convent maiden.

“Procedez, ma’amselle,” he said, nodding benevolently.  “Do not disturb yourself.”

“But, monsieur,” she said, and blushed in confusion.

“Go on.  I shall be interested in these young people’s lessons.”

“As monsieur wishes,” she replied.  “Now, my little ones, your catechism.”

They ranged themselves in a line.

“Elisa, thee first; repeat the Commandments of God.”

Elisa commenced a rhyming paraphrase of the Ten Commandments.

“Ah, no, cherie,—­more reverence.  Say it as to the Holy Virgin.”

Elisa went through it in a soft manner to the end.

“Rudolphe; the Seven Commandments of the Church.”

The childish accents of the little one repeated them:—­

   1.  Mass on Sundays them shalt hear
        And on feasts commanded thee.

   2.  Once at least in every year,
        Must thy sins confessed be.

   3.  Thy Creator take at least
        At Easter with humility.

   4.  And keep holy every feast,
        Whereof thou shalt have decree.

   5.  Quatre-temps, Vigils, fasts are met,
        And in Lent entirely.

   6.  Fridays flesh thou shalt not eat;
        Saturdays the same shall be.

   7.  Church’s every tithe and fee
        Thou shalt pay her faithfully.

“Henri, what is the Church which Jesus Christ has established?”

“The Church which Jesus Christ has established,” said he stoutly, “is the Church Catholic, Apostolic and Roman.”

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