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“The foundation must be the Ideal Physical Man.  We must never stop short of working until,—­now, do not doubt me, sir,—­every Canadian is the strongest and most beautiful man that can be thought.  No matter how utterly chimerical this seems to the parlor skeptic who insists on our seeing only the common-place, it cannot be so to the true thinker who knows the promises of science and reflects that a nation can turn its face to endeavours which are impossible for a person.  Physical culture must be placed on a more reasonable basis, and made a requisite of all education.  We need a Physical Inspector in every School.  We need to regularly encourage the sports of the country.  We require a military term of training, compulsory on all young men, for its effect in straightening the person and strengthening the will.  We must have a nation of stern, strong men—­a careless people can never rise; no deep impression, no fixed resolve, will ever originate from easy-going natures.”

“Next, the most crying requirement is True Education.  The source of all our political errors and sufferings is an ignorant electorate, who do not know how to measure either the men or the doctrines that come before them.  There is necessity in the doctrine of the State’s right over secular education.  Democracy, gives you and me an inalienable interest, social and political, in the education of each voter, because its very principle is the right to choose our rulers.  As to religious education, that of course is sacred, where it does not encroach on the State’s right, and the arrangement I favor is that secular studies be enforced during certain hours, and the use of the school buildings granted to religious instructors at others.”

“I notice you say true education.”

“A man is being truly educated when his training is exactly levelled at what he ought to be:—­first of all a high type of man in general, and next, a good performer of his calling.  Let him have a scheme of facts that will give him an idea of the ALL:  then show him his part in it.”

“Let him be taught in a simple way the logic of facts.”

“Let him be taught to seek the best sources only of information.”

“Let him be taught in school the falsity of the chief political sophisms.”

“Let him be branded with a few business principles of life in general:  such as how much to save, and where to put it, and the wisdom of insurance.”

“Let him learn these three maxims of experience:” 

“Gain experience.”

“Gain experience at the lowest possible price.”

“Never risk gaining the same experience twice.”

“Seek for him, in fine, not learning so much as wisdom, the essence of learning.”

“But especially, let every Canadian be educated to see The National Work, and how to do it.”

“In short, educate for what you require and educate most for the greatest things you require, and in manner such that everyone may be equipped to stand anywhere without help, and fight a good battle.”

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