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“I think you will be able to do even better than that,” said Wallace confidently.

As the game progressed Harding’s play steadily improved and his face took on an expression of supreme satisfaction delightful to contemplate.

His crowning triumph came on the thirteenth hole, in which he drove the green and found his ball laying within a foot of the cup, from which distance he easily negotiated a two which won the hole, and, as it subsequently developed, the match, Wallace holding the best ball of Carter and myself even.

Harding made the round in 106, which is ten strokes better than any of his previous records.  He tried in vain to induce Wallace to take some large sum of money, but this strange young Scotchman positively refused to accept more than the regular rate for a lesson.

LaHume left, bag and baggage, early this morning, and I doubt if Woodvale will see him again.  His membership is for sale, and at a special meeting of the board his resignation was accepted.  He seems to have been the villain of this diary, but really he is not a bad sort of fellow, save for a strain of tactless selfishness.  I presume that his good looks eventually will win for him some unfortunate heiress.

Had he remained here until this evening he would have been treated to another surprise.  Wallace took Miss Lawrence’s high-powered automobile from the garage, and, after a preliminary run of several miles in which to become familiar with certain new devices, swung it around the club house and up to the landing steps with the easy skill in which he handles a mashie.

As Bishop says, he certainly is “a most remarkable hired man.”

Miss Lawrence, Miss Ross and Miss Dangerfield soon appeared and, with Wallace, started on a trip which was to include a call at Bishops, and later a spin down the old post road and back by some circuitous route.

It is only a week from to-day until the meeting of the directors of the N.O. & G. I shall then know whether I am to be comparatively a financial nonentity or a man of affairs.  And then I shall know something of vastly more importance!



Early Monday morning Mr. Harding took a train for Oak Cliff, where he had an appointment with Mr. Wilson.  He made a remark to the effect that his mission pertained more to business than golf.  Mr. Wilson is president of the bank through which the “Harding System” transacts most of its financial operations.

“You can do me a favour, if you will, Smith,” he said.  “I shall stay over night in Oak Cliff.  We have visitors coming to Woodvale to-morrow evening, and I should be back here to dine with them by six o’clock.  There is no train from Oak Cliff within hours of that time, and it has occurred to me that the folks might come for me in the red machine.  Of course the Kid thinks she can handle it, but I hate to trust her on so long and hilly a route.  Could you come with them?”

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