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Frederick Upham Adams
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   “We ran the auto into the sheep pasture” 159

   “I have never seen a more perfect shot” 163

   “It struck on the rear edge of the green” 181

   “LaHume ... stalking toward the club house” 185

   “Miss Harding ... smiled and looked innocent as
   could be” 193

   “It was not much of a drive” 207

   “Run!  Run, boys!” 211

   “Then I struck the bull” 213

    Diagram, “The auto and the bull” 218

   “What are you looking for?” 221

   “Had ignited the matches” 225

   “He was tall, angular, and whiskered” 237

   “LaHume was shot back several yards” 245

   “Grasping her by the arm I dragged her” 267

   “She left for the South” 282

   “Business is business” 291

   “Ten up and eight to play” 297

   “She rose to her feet” 307

   “I cannot turn back if I would” 315

   “He looked doubtfully at me” 318

   “This takes the cake!” 329

   “And then I saw her!” 335

   “I believe I could carry it” 345




Miss Harding Is coming

“Heard the news?” demanded Chilvers, approaching the table where
Marshall, Boyd, and I were smoking on the broad veranda of the Woodvale
Golf and Country Club.  We shook our heads with contented indifference. 
It was after luncheon, and the cigars were excellent.

“Where’s LaHume?” grinned Chilvers.  “Where’s our Percy?  He must hear this.”

“LaHume and Miss Lawrence are out playing,” languidly answered Marshall.  “What’s happened?  Don’t prolong this suspense.”

Miss Ross and Miss Dangerfield turned the corner and Chilvers saw them.  Chilvers is married, but has lost none of his effervescence and consequently retains his popularity.

“Come here,” he called, motioning to these two charming young ladies.  “I’ve got something for you!  Great news; great news!”

“What is it?” asked Miss Ross, her deep-brown eyes brightening with curiosity.

“Another heiress coming!” announced Chilvers, with the bow of a jeweller displaying some rare gem “—­another heiress on her way to Woodvale!  This is going to be a hard season for such perennial bachelors as Smith, Boyd, Carter, and others I could name.  You girls will have your work cut out when this new heiress unpacks her trunks and sets fluttering the hearts of these steel-plated golfers.”

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