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Frederick Upham Adams
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John Henry Smith, who tells the story.  Heir of his father, lives in Woodvale club house, devoted to golf, becomes interested in Wall Street, and falls in love with Grace Harding

Grace Harding, only daughter of Robert L. Harding, visitor in Woodvale

Robert L. Harding, millionaire railway magnate, who first despises golf and then becomes infatuated with it

Mrs. Harding, the matter-of-fact wife of the above

Jim Bishop, farmer near Woodvale, who knew Harding when the two were boys in Buckfield, Maine

William Wallace, Bishop’s hired man, later golf professional in Woodvale, and later something else

Olive Lawrence, pupil to William Wallace

Percy LAHUME, in love with Miss Lawrence

James Carter, wealthy member of Woodvale, who knows how to keep a secret

Miss Dangerfield, who makes a collection of golf balls

Miss Ross, who is very pretty

Mr. and Mrs. Chilvers, and Mr. and Mrs. Marshall, estimable young people, who enter into this narrative

Boyd, Lawson, Duff, bell, Monahan, etc., members in good standing in the
Woodvale Golf and Country Club


   “... and I got it” Frontispiece

   “How do I look?” Title Page


   “... and threw it in the pond” 9

   “Fore there! hay there!!” 15

   “It makes an ideal hazard” 25

   “... but there was blood in his eye” 37

   “Fore” 49

   “There is no law to compel a man to play golf” 57

   “We rested on top of the hill” 73

   “Did it hit you?” 87

   “... and missed the ball by three inches” 95

   “It is not necessary to caution me” 105

   The dream 113

   “At the gate waiting for us” 121

   “We’re not fighting, my dear!” 131

   “It must be tough to have to wear skirts all the time”

   “What do you think of me?” 137

   “Jack ... never stopped a second” 145

   “Mr. Harding ... executed a clog dance” 153

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