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Atlanta           $4.95 | New Orleans     $4.31
Baltimore          4.18 | New York         5.85
Boston             5.64 | Philadelphia     5.34
Brooklyn           5.76 | Providence       5.51
Buffalo            4.27 | Richmond         3.83
Charleston, S.C.   4.22 | St. Louis        5.19
Chicago            5.74 | St. Paul         6.62
Cincinnati         4.50 | San Francisco    6.91
Cleveland          4.63 | San Jose         6.11
Indianapolis       4.57 | Savannah         4.90
Louisville         4.51 |                  ——­
Newark             5.20 |   All Cities     5.24

In addition to these figures, it seems well to give the average yearly earnings of women in some of the most profitable industries, those being chosen which are seldom affected by “seasons":—­

Artificial flowers, $277.53; awnings and tents, $276.46; bookbinding, $271.31; boots and shoes, $286.60; candy, $213.59; carpets, $298.53; cigar boxes, $267.36; cigar factory, $294.66; cigarette factory, $266.12; cloak factory, $291.76; clothing factory, $248.36; cotton-mills, $228.32; dressmaking, $278.37; dry-goods stores, $368.84; jewelry factory, $263.80; men’s furnishing-goods factory, $232.24; millinery, $345.95; paper-box factory, $240.47; plug-tobacco factory, $235.67; printing-office, $300; skirt factory, $265.40; smoking-tobacco factory, $238.70.

These, so far as they have been collected and tabulated by the various labor bureaus, are the returns for the United States as a whole.  The reports for the following years of 1891 and 1892 were expected to be far more general, but this has not proved to be the case.

     Average wage per state.

Maine            $5.50
Massachusetts     6.68
Connecticut       6.50
Rhode Island      5.87
New York          5.85
New Jersey        5.00
California        6.00
Colorado          6.00
Kansas            5.17
Wisconsin         5.17
Minnesota         6.00
All cities        5.24


[23] Third Annual Report of New York Bureau of Labor, p. 162.  These are Mr. Peck’s figures; but the United States report gives the average for skilled labor as $5.85 per week, and adds that the unskilled earns far less.

[24] Ibid. p. 165.

[25] New York Bureau of Statistics of Labor, Third Annual Report, p. 27.


General conditions for English workers.

So far as opportunity is concerned, it is the United States only that offers a practically unlimited field to women workers, to whom some four hundred trades and occupations are now open.  Comparison with other countries is, however, essential, if we would judge fairly of conditions as a whole; and thus we turn first to that other English-speaking race, and the English worker at home.  At once we are faced with the impossibility of gathering much more than

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