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Then the old man, losing all fear, thought he would like to dance, and saying, “Let come what will, if I die for it, I will have a dance, too,” crept out of the hollow tree and, with his cap slipped over his nose and his ax sticking in his belt, began to dance.  The devils in great surprise jumped up, saying, “Who is this?” but the old man advancing and receding, swaying to and fro, and posturing this way and that way, the whole crowd laughed and enjoyed the fun, saying:  “How well the old man dances!  You must always come and join us in our sport; but, for fear you might not come, you must give us a pledge that you will.”  So the devils consulted together, and, agreeing that the lump on his face, which was a token of wealth, was what he valued most highly, demanded that it should be taken.  The old man replied:  “I have had this lump many years, and would not without good reason part with it; but you may have it, or an eye, or my nose either if you wish.”  So the devils laid hold of it, twisting and pulling, and took it off without giving him any pain, and put it away as a pledge that he would come back.  Just then the day began to dawn, and the birds to sing, so the devils hurried away.

The old man felt his face and found it quite smooth, and not a trace of the lump left.  He forgot all about cutting wood, and hastened home.  His wife, seeing him, exclaimed in great surprise, “What has happened to you?” So he told her all that had befallen him.

Now, among the neighbors there was another old man who had a big lump on the left side of his face.  Hearing all about how the first old man had got rid of his misfortune, he determined that he would also try the same plan.  So he went and crept into the hollow tree, and waited for the devils to come.  Sure enough, they came just as he was told, and they sat down, drank wine, and made merry just as they did before.  The second old man, afraid and trembling, crept out of the hollow tree.  The devils welcomed him, saying:  “The old man has come; now let us see him dance.”  This old fellow was awkward, and did not dance as well as the other, so the devils cried out:  “You dance badly, and are getting worse and worse; we will give you back the lump which we took from you as a pledge.”  Upon this, one of the devils brought the lump, and stuck it on the other side of his face; so the poor old fellow returned home with a lump on each side.



A fair maiden lay asleep in a rice field.  The sun was at its height, and she was weary.  Now a god looked down upon the rice field.  He knew that the beauty of the maiden came from within, that it mirrored the beauty of heavenly dreams.  He knew that even now, as she smiled, she held converse with the spirit of the wind or the flowers.

The god descended and asked the dream-maiden to be his bride.  She rejoiced, and they were wed.  A wonderful red jewel came of their happiness.

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