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The King commanded that they should bring splendid presents for the hero.  The presents were these:  A throne of turquoise, adorned with rams’ heads; a royal crown set about with jewels; a robe of brocade of gold, such as is worn by the King of kings; a bracelet and a chain of gold; a hundred maidens, with faces fair as the full moon, and girdles of gold; a hundred youths, whose hair was fragrant with musk; a hundred horses, harnessed with gold and silver; a hundred mules with black hair, with loads of brocade that came from the land of Room and from Persia.  After these they brought and laid at the hero’s feet a hundred purses filled with gold pieces; a cup of rubies, filled with pure musk; another cup of turquoise, filled with attar of roses; and, last of all, a letter written on pages of silk, in ink made of wine and aloes and amber and the black of lamps.  By this letter the King of kings gave anew to Rustem the kingdom of the south.  Then Kaoues blessed him, and said:  “May you live as long as men shall see the sun and the moon in heaven!  May the great of the earth join themselves to you!  May your own soul be full of modesty and tenderness!”

Rustem prostrated himself on the earth, and kissed the throne; and so took his departure.


ASHTON, T. Romances of Chivalry

BALDWIN, J. The Story of Siegfried

BALDWIN, J. The Story of Roland

BARING-GOULD, S. Curious Myths of the Middle Ages

BROOKS, E. The Story of the AEneid

BROOKS, E. The Story of the Odyssey

BULFINCH, T. The Age of Chivalry

BULFINCH, T. Legends of Charlemagne

BURNS, J. Popular Tales and Legends

CLODD, E. The Birth and Growth of Myths

CLODD, E. The Childhood of Religions

COOKER, F.J. Nature Myths and Stories

COX, G.W. Tales of Ancient Greece

COX, G.W. Popular Romances of the Middle Ages

CRANE, F.T. Italian Popular Tales

CROMMELIN, MARY Famous Legends

CURTIN, J. Myths and Folk Tales of the Russians

DRAKE, S.A. North-East Legends

DU MAURIER, GEORGE. Legend of Camelot

EDWARDSON, E. The Courteous Knight


FISK, JOHN. Myths and Myth Makers

FRANCILLON, R.E. Gods and Heroes

GAYLEY, F. Classic Myths

GRINNEL, G.B. Blackfoot Lodge Tales

GUERBER, H.A. Myths of Northern Lands

GUERBER, H.A. Myths of Greece and Rome

HALL, J. Legends of the West



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