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But Sir Galahad smote the first knight to the ground, so that he almost broke his neck.  And as his wonderful sword flashed in the light, sudden fear fell on the six knights that were left and they turned and fled.

Then an old man took the keys of the castle to Galahad.  And the knight opened the gates of the castle, and set free many prisoners.  He gave the castle back to the maiden to whom it belonged, and sent for all the knights in the country round about to do her homage.

Then once again Sir Galahad rode on in search of the Holy Grail.  And the way seemed long, yet on and on he rode, till at last he reached the sea.

There, on the shore, stood a maiden, and when she saw Sir Galahad, she led him to a ship and told him to enter.

The wind rose and drove the ship, with Sir Galahad on board, between two rocks.  But when the ship could not pass that way, the knight left it, and entered a smaller one that awaited him.

In this ship was a table, and on the table, covered with a red cloth, was the Holy Grail.  Reverently Sir Galahad sank on his knees.  But still the Sacred Cup was covered.

At last the ship reached a strange city, and on the shore sat a crippled man.  Sir Galahad asked his help to lift the table from the ship.

“For ten years I have not walked without crutches,” said the man.

“Show that you are willing, and come to me,” urged the knight.

And the cripple got up, and when he found that he was cured, he ran to Sir Galahad, and together they carried the wonderful table to the shore.

Then all the city was astonished, and the people talked only of the great marvel.  “The man that was a cripple for ten years can walk,” each said to the other.

The king of the city heard the wonderful tale, but he was a cruel king and a tyrant.  “The knight is not a good man,” he said to his people, and he commanded that Galahad should be put in prison.  And the prison was underneath the palace, and it was dark and cold there.

But down into the darkness streamed the light that had made Galahad so glad long ago at Camelot.  And in the light Galahad saw the Holy Grail.

A year passed and the cruel king was very ill, and he thought he would die.  Then he remembered the knight he had treated so unkindly, and who was still in the dark, cold prison.  “I will send for him, and ask him to forgive me,” murmured the king.

And when Galahad was brought to the palace, he willingly forgave the tyrant who had put him in prison.

Then the king died, and there was great dismay in the city, for where would they find a good ruler to sit on the throne?

As they wondered, they heard a voice that told them to make Sir Galahad their king, and in great joy the knight was crowned.

Then the new king ordered a box of gold and precious stones to be made, and in this box he placed the wonderful table he had carried away from the ship.  “And every morning I and my people will come here to pray,” he said.

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