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In good sadness, sir, I am sorry that for my sake you have suffered
all this.  My suit, then, is desperate; you’ll undertake her no more.

Falstaff.  Master Brook, I will be thrown into Etna, as I have been into Thames, ere I will leave her thus.  Her husband is this morning gone a-birding; I have received from her another embassy of meeting; ’twixt eight and nine is the hour, Master Brook.

’Tis past eight already, sir.

Falstaff.  Is it?  I will then address me to my appointment.  Come to me at your convenient leisure, and you shall know how I speed, and the conclusion shall be crowned with your enjoying her:  adieu.  You shall have her, Master Brook; Master Brook, you shall cuckold Ford.


Ford.  Hum! ha!  Is this a vision?  Is this a dream?  Do I sleep?  Master Ford, awake; awake, Master Ford.  There’s a hole made in your best coat, Master Ford.  This ’tis to be married; this ’tis to have linen and buck-baskets!  Well, I will proclaim myself what I am; I will now take the lecher; he is at my house.  He cannot scape me; ’tis impossible he should; he cannot creep into a half-penny purse, nor into a pepper box; but, lest the devil that guides him should aid him, I will search impossible places.  Though what I am I cannot avoid, yet to be what I would not, shall not make me tame; if I have horns to make one mad, let the proverb go with me; I’ll be horn-mad.



Scene I. The street.

[Enter mistress page, mistress quickly, and William.]

Mrs. Page
Is he at Master Ford’s already, think’st thou?

Quickly.  Sure he is by this; or will be presently; but truly he is very courageous mad about his throwing into the water.  Mistress Ford desires you to come suddenly.

Mrs. Page
I’ll be with her by and by; I’ll but bring my young man here to
school.  Look where his master comes; ’tis a playing day, I see.

[Enter sir Hugh Evans.]

How now, Sir Hugh, no school to-day?

No; Master Slender is let the boys leave to play.

Blessing of his heart!

Mrs. Page
Sir Hugh, my husband says my son profits nothing in the world at
his book; I pray you ask him some questions in his accidence.

Come hither, William; hold up your head; come.

Mrs. Page
Come on, sirrah; hold up your head; answer your master; be not afraid.

William, how many numbers is in nouns?


Truly, I thought there had been one number more, because they say
‘Od’s nouns.’

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