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Joseph Jefferson.

The Jefferson family—­A race of actors—­Jefferson the first—­“Old Jefferson”—­Jefferson the third—­Birth of Joseph Jefferson—­Childhood—­Brought up on the stage—­Olive Logan’s reminiscence—­First appearance in public—­Early training—­Career as a stock actor—­Becomes a “star”—­His success—­Visits Australia, the player’s El Dorado—­Pecuniary success of Jefferson in Australia—­His merits as an actor—­Visits England—­First appearance at the Adelphi Theater—­“Our American Cousin”—­Production of Rip Van Winkle—­Makes the part his specialty—­Description of his performance of Rip Van Winkle—­Personal characteristics—­Devotion to his profession—­Love of art—­A capital sportsman—­Buys a panorama—­A visit to John Sefton—­“The Golden Farmer”—­Private life.



Benjamin rush.

Birth and early life—­Adopts medicine as a profession—­Studies in Europe—­Returns home, and is made a professor in the Philadelphia Medical College—­Political career—­Elected to the Provincial Conference of Pennsylvania—­Action with respect to the independence of the colonies—­Elected to the Continental Congress—­Signs the Declaration of Independence—­Marriage—­Is made Surgeon-General of the army—­Becomes Physician-General—­Troubles—­Resigns his commission—­Letters to the people of Pennsylvania—­Services in the State conventions—­Resumes his practice in Philadelphia—­Plans the Philadelphia Dispensary—­Resumes his professor’s chair—­The yellow fever in Philadelphia—­A scene of terror—­“The Hundred Days”—­Dr. Rush’s treatment of the disease—­Opposition of the Faculty—­Success of Rush’s treatment—­Testimony of Dr. Ramsay—­Suit for damages—­Dr. Rush’s services during the fever—­Reminiscences—­Honors from European sovereigns—­Is made Treasurer of the United States Mint—­Literary labors—­Zeal in behalf of Christianity—­His connection with the Bible Society—­Death.


Valentine Mott.

Birth—­Early life—­Enters Columbia College—­His medical studies—­Continues his studies in Europe—­Great surgical genius—­His early success as an operator—­Returns home—­Is made Professor of Surgery in Columbia College—­His career and success as a teacher—­Introduces the system of clinical instruction—­Difficulty of procuring “subjects” for dissection—­Desperate expedients—­midnight adventure—­A ready rebuke—­Success and skill as a surgeon—­Tribute from Sir Astley Cooper—­A wonderful operation—­Sketch of his original operations—­His mode of operating—­Careful preparation—­Success as a physician—­A progressive mind—­Professional honors—­Visits Europe—­Reception abroad—­Operates upon the Sultan of Turkey—­A cool proposition—­Personal—­His last illness and death—­“President Lincoln murdered.”

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