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courtesy and kindness—­Fondness for manly sports—­The quoit club—­How he carried a proud man’s turkey home—­The supper party—­The Chief Justice loses the wager—­Mode of traveling on his circuit—­The scene at Maguire’s Hotel in Winchester, Virginia—­The unknown champion of Christianity—­A brilliant defense—­Last illness and death of Judge Marshall.


James T. Brady.

Birth and early life—­His “big head”—­His kindliness of disposition—­Enters his father’s office to study law—­Merry nature—­How he studied law—­A model for ambitious youths—­His father’s opinion of him—­Admitted to the bar—­His first case—­The newsboy case—­sudden rise in popularity—­Practices in the Supreme Court—­The India-rubber suit—­A compliment from Daniel Webster—­Brady’s integrity—­Professional success and generosity—­His readiness in managing his cases—­Conduct toward witnesses—­His fearlessness—­A bold declaration in Tammany Hall—­His profound knowledge of his profession—­His industry—­His disinterested kindness—­His humor—­Meets his match—­Political life—­Personal appearance—­A genial old bachelor—­Literary tastes and labors—­His generosity to the poor—­Devotion to his relatives—­Last appearance in public—­Forebodings—­Death.



Benjamin west.

A native of Pennsylvania—­Circumstances attending his birth—­The child of promise—­First indications of genius—­The baby’s portrait—­Lessons from the Indians—­The box of colors—­The truant pupil—­The mother’s discovery—–­West’s opinion of his first picture—­The little portrait painter—­The first attempt at historical painting—­“The Death of Socrates”—­Choosing a profession—­Dedicated to his work—­A fighting Quaker—­Establishes himself in New York—­Visits Europe—­Arrival at Rome, and reception there—­Visit to the Apollo Belvidere—­West’s criticism—­Travels and labors on the continent—­Visits England—­His reception there—­Urged to stay—­Decides to make England his home—­Sends for his bride—­Marriage—­“Agrippina Landing with the Ashes of Germanicus”—­Success of the picture—­The king becomes his friend—­The most famous works of Benjamin West—­“The Death of Wolfe”—­Reception of the picture by the public—­West triumphs over the critics, and inaugurates a new era of historical painting—­Death of the king—­West is elected President of the National Academy—­His resignation and re-election—­Closing years of a great career—­Personal appearance—­Leigh Hunt’s description of him—­Death—­Burial in St. Paul’s Cathedral.


John Rogers.

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