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“For industhrial purposes, friend,” said he.  In twenty minutes he was lying in a deep and dreamless sleep.

“In some ways this fellow has talent,” said Billy Hudgens, as he looked in on McGinnis later; “but like enough he’s come to a show-down now.”

Until noon the next day McGinnis slept soundly.  Then he sat up on the floor.  “How’re you feelin’ now, man?” asked Billy Hudgens.

“Friend,” said McGinnis, “I’m feelin’ some dark and hairy inwardly; but I’m a livin’ example of how a man can thriumph over circumstances.”  Wherewith he smiled gently, sank back, and slept again till dark.

“It wud have been too bad,” said McGinnis to the barber when he awoke, “if you had left this town before I came.  What ye’ve all been needin’ is some one to give ye a lesson in not gettin’ discouraged.

“As for combinin’ hair tonic and strong drink into one ingradyint, if anny one tells you it’s a good thing, you may say for me the report lacks confirmashun.  But we’ll not despair.  Aside from the proverb about the will and the way, ’tis well known that no disgrace can come to a real captain of industhry through a timporary change in the industhrial conditions.  I’m sayin’ to you, get in a new chair, and get ready for the boom.”



How the Girl from the States kept the Set of Twins from being broken

Even as the stouter-hearted captains of Heart’s Desire began to voice their confidence, a sudden sense of helplessness, of personal inadequacy, came upon Porter Barkley, erstwhile leader of the forces of the A. P. and S. E. Railway Company.  With emotions of chagrin and humiliation he found himself obliged wholly to readjust his estimate of himself and his powers.  He had come hither full of confidence, accustomed to success, animated by a genial condescension toward these benighted men; and now, how quickly had the situation been reversed!  Nay, worse than reversed.  He, Porter Barkley, a man who had bought a legislature in his time, was ignored, forgotten by these strangers, as though he did not exist!  More than that, Ellsworth was reticent with him; and worst of all, when he met Constance at the table she gave him no more than a curt nod and a polite forgetfulness of his presence.

Porter Barkley wished nothing so much as speedily to get away from the scene of his twofold defeat, although he knew that farewell meant dismissal.  He knew also that he could restore himself to the respect of Heart’s Desire in only one way; but he did not go out on the street in search of that way, although the Socorro stage was a full day late in its departure, and he was obliged to remain a prisoner indoors.

Indeed, Constance and her father were little better than prisoners as well, for no possible means of locomotion offered whereby they could get out of town; and all Heart’s Desire remained aloof from them, not even the Littlest Girl coming across the arroyo to call on Constance at the hotel.

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