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Suddenly I found myself lying awake, peering from my sandy mattress through the door of the tent.  I looked at my watch pinned against the canvas, and saw by the bright moonlight that it was past twelve o’clock—­the threshold of a new day—­and I had therefore slept a couple of hours.  The Swede was asleep still beside me; the wind howled as before something plucked at my heart and made me feel afraid.  There was a sense of disturbance in my immediate neighborhood.

I sat up quickly and looked out.  The trees were swaying violently to and fro as the gusts smote them, but our little bit of green canvas lay snugly safe in the hollow, for the wind passed over it without meeting enough resistance to make it vicious.  The feeling of disquietude did not pass however, and I crawled quietly out of the tent to see if our belongings were safe.  I moved carefully so as not to waken my companion.  A curious excitement was on me.

I was halfway out, kneeling on all fours, when my eye first took in that the tops of the bushes opposite, with their moving tracery of leaves, made shapes against the sky.  I sat back on my haunches and stared.  It was incredible, surely, but there, opposite and slightly above me, were shapes of some indeterminate sort among the willows, and as the branches swayed in the wind they seemed to group themselves about these shapes, forming a series of monstrous outlines that shifted rapidly beneath the moon.  Close, about fifty feet in front of me, I saw these things.

My first instinct was to waken my companion that he too might see them, but something made me hesitate—­the sudden realization, probably, that I should not welcome corroboration; and meanwhile I crouched there staring in amazement with smarting eyes.  I was wide awake.  I remember saying to myself that I was not dreaming.

They first became properly visible, these huge figures, just within the tops of the bushes—­immense bronze-colored, moving, and wholly independent of the swaying of the branches.  I saw them plainly and noted, now I came to examine them more calmly, that they were very much larger than human, and indeed that something in their appearance proclaimed them to be not human at all.  Certainly they were not merely the moving tracery of the branches against the moonlight.  They shifted independently.  They rose upwards in a continuous stream from earth to sky, vanishing utterly as soon as they reached the dark of the sky.  They were interlaced one with another, making a great column, and I saw their limbs and huge bodies melting in and out of each other, forming this serpentine line that bent and swayed and twisted spirally with the contortions of the wind-tossed trees.  They were nude, fluid shapes, passing up the bushes, within the leaves almost—­rising up in a living column into the heavens.  Their faces I never could see.  Unceasingly they poured upwards, swaying in great bending curves, with a hue of dull bronze upon their skins.

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