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1765.  Commissioner to settle military accounts. 1774.  In First Continental Congress. 1775.  In Second Continental Congress. 1775.  June 15.  Elected commander-in-chief. 1775.  July 2.  In command at Cambridge. 1776.  March 17.  Expels the British from Boston. 1776.  August 27.  Battle of Long Island. 1776.  August 29.  Masterly retreat to New York. 1776.  September 15.  Gallant, at Kipp’s Bay. 1776.  October 27.  Battle of Harlem Heights. 1776.  October 29.  Battle near White Plains. 1776.  November 15.  Enters New Jersey. 1776.  December 5.  Occupies right bank of the Delaware. 1776.  December 12.  Clothed with “full power.” 1776.  December 14.  Plans an offensive campaign. 1776.  December 26.  Battle of Trenton. 1777.  January 3.  Battle of Princeton. 1777.  July.  British driven from New Jersey, during. 1777.  July 13.  Marches for Philadelphia. 1777.  September 11.  Battle of Brandywine. 1777.  September 15.  Offers battle at West Chester. 1777.  October 4.  Battle of Germantown. 1778.  Winters at Valley Forge. 1778.  June 28.  Battle of Monmouth. 1778.  British again retire from New Jersey. 1778.  Again at White Plains. 1779.  At Middlebrook, New Jersey, and New Windsor. 1780.  Winters at Morristown, New Jersey. 1781.  Confers with Rochambeau as to plans. 1781.  Threatens New York in June and July. 1781.  Joins Lafayette before Yorktown. 1781.  October 19.  Surrender of Cornwallis. 1783.  November 2.  Farewell to the army. 1733.  November 25.  Occupies New York. 1783.  December 4.  Parts with his officers. 1783.  December 23.  Resigns his commission. 1787.  Presides at Constitutional Convention. 1789.  March 4.  Elected President of the United States. 1789.  April 30.  Inaugurated at New York. 1793.  March 4.  Re-elected for four years. 1796.  September 17.  Farewell to the people. 1797.  March 4.  Retires to private life. 1798.  July 3.  Appointed commander-in-chief. 1799.  December 14.  Died at Mount Vernon.

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George Washington was a son of Augustine Washington and his second wife, Mary Ball, and a descendant of John Washington, who emigrated from England about 1657, during the protectorate of Cromwell.  He was born in the English colony of Virginia, in Westmoreland County, on February 22, 1732.  His education was simple and practical.  To the common English instruction of his time and home, young Washington added bookkeeping and surveying.  The three summers preceding his twentieth year he spent in surveying the estate of Lord Fairfax on the northwest boundary of the colony, an occupation which strengthened his splendid physical constitution to a high point of efficiency, and gave him practice in topography,—­valuable aids in the military campaigning which speedily followed.

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