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peculiar kind of Christianity, and shaped to offend as little as possible the prejudices of British readers.  And what does it show us?  Does it show us that emancipation is more likely to follow from the success of the Southern society which assumes to be at the helm of all schemes of religion and philanthropy, not only has no desire to put an end to slavery, but regards it in such a light that it will be its duty to extend it as much as possible.  The Southern clergy say that the relation of master and slave is “not incompatible with our holy Christianity;” why, therefore, should they seek to get rid of it?  From a thousand pulpits this language will be sent forth week after week, and it is clear that the religion of the Confederate States will be employed only to convince the slaveowner that he is doing perfectly right in perpetuating a system which enables him to buy men and women as chattels, and to obtain command of human bodies and minds at the prices current of the market.  Then, the Southern clergy think it a cause for gratitude to God on behalf of the negroes “that He has brought them where missionaries of the Cross might freely proclaim to them the word of salvation.”  Will it not, therefore, be the duty of the Southern clergy to extend those blessings to new millions of Africans, and thus carry out the “plans of Divine Providence?” Is the whole tendency of this argument not to elevate the horrible trade of the slave-catcher to the same high level with the noble office of the missionary?  Proclaiming as they do that the capture of Africans and their removal into slavery in the Southern States is God’s own missionary plan, the Confederate clergy and people will consider it as much their duty to equip slave-ships with cargoes of manacles and send them forth accompanied by the prayers of the churches, as it is now our duty to send forth missionary-ships laden with Bibles and preachers of the gospel.  Then the heathen world will know what missionary Christianity really is.  Thousand of Africans, caught on the west coast, will be torn from their families and taken chained on board ship; should they survive the horrors of the passage, they will be set to hard work under laws which permit of almost any degree of corporeal punishment and which deprive them of all the rights of men; and they will be told to thank GOD who has brought them into the blessed light of the Gospel!  Let not the man who cannot reconcile his sympathies in the American struggle with his convictions on the question of slavery pooh-pooh this as an extravagant fancy picture of something that never can occur.  It is exactly the missionary scheme which the Confederate clergy call “the plan of Divine Providence;” and supposing a powerful Southern Confederacy to be established, what is to prevent its being accomplished?  Not the religious and philanthropic feelings of the Confederates; for the religious and philanthropic feelings of the confederates are all for a revival
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