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Adversity, bruised with, 38.
  sweet are the uses of, 37.

Advice, danger to give, to kings, 42.
  ’t was good, 44
  worst men often give the best, 43.

Affectation, with a sickly mien, 45.

Affection is a coal that must be cooled, 47.

Affliction is enamored of thy parts. 255.
  is the good man’s shining scene, 48.
  tries our virtue, 49.

Affliction’s sons are brothers in distress, 242.

Affronts, young men soon give, 50.

Age cannot wither her, 55. 
  I must not tell my, 58.
  rock the cradle of, 432.
  when, is in, wit is out, 51.

Agent, trust no, 279.

Ages, alike all, 466.

Aim, failed in the high, 65.

Air, the, a chartered libertine, 66.

Alacrity in sinking, 67.

Ale, drink of Adam’s, 69.
  the spicy nut-brown, 68.

Alexandrine, a needless, 70.

Alone on a wide sea, 71.

Amazement on thy mother sits, 72.

Amber, to observe the forms in, 73.

Ambition finds such joy, 78.
  fling away, 74.
  has but one reward, 76.
  to reign is worth, 77.
  which o’erleaps itself, 75.

America, half brother of the world, 79.

Anarch, thy hand, great, 478.

Anarchy, hold eternal, 80.

Ancient of days, 116.

Angels come and go, 84.
  lackey her, 300.
  where, fear to tread, 83.

Angels’ visits, short and far between, 85.

Anger never made good guard, 87.

Anger’s my meat, 86.

Angling, the pleasantest, 88.
  wagered on your, 89.

Anna, here thou, great, 411.

Antiquity, ways of hoar, 92.

Apathy, in lazy, 93.

Apollo’s laurel bough, 213.

Apostles would have done, 176.

Apostolic blows and knocks, 574.

Apparel, fashion wears out more, 678.
  oft proclaims the man, 94.

Apparition, a lovely, 527.

Apparitions, like, seen and gone, 95.

Appearances to save, his only care, 98.

Appetite, good digestion wait on, 99.
  grown by what it fed on, 46.
  stands cook, 100.

Applaud to the very echo, 101.

Applause, attentive to his own, 276.
  of listening senates, 103.
  oh, popular, 102.

Apples, since Eve ate, 553.
  small choice in rotten, 316.

April cold with dropping rain, 105.

Aprile has fairly come, 106.

Aprille, with his shoures sote, 104.

Arabs, fold their tents like the, 1889.

Arch, look on its broken, 1716.

Arguing, in, the parson owned his skill, 107.

Argument, height of this great, 1399.

Arms on armor clashing, 381.

Arrow, shot mine, o’er the house, 241.
  swifter than, 1845.

Art is the child of Nature, 110. 
  Nature is but, 289. 
  O man, is thine alone, 109.

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