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Joan and Peter

Cloth, 12mo, $1.75

“Never has Mr. Wells spread for such a gorgeous panorama ... a living story ... a vivacious narrative imperturbable in interest on every page, always fresh and personal and assured....  This is not a novel—­it is a library.  It is everything that one needs to know about the public life of the significant classes in England for last twenty-five years.”—­The Dial.

“Mr Wells, at his highest point of attainment....  An absorbingly interesting book ... consummate artistry ... here is Wells, the story teller, the master of narrative.”—­N.Y.  Evening Sun.

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In the Heart of a Fool

Cloth, 12mo, $1.60

“A big novel—­a book that will profoundly affect the thoughts and the feelings of the many who will read it....  Behind this chronicle lies the secret of the next fifty years of American history.  The fruit of this book will be an awakening of the sleeping consciences in many men and a glimpse of what it is to live in America to-day.”—­N.Y.  Sun.

“A great work.  In its scope it is one of the most comprehensive American romances ever written....  An intensely dramatic story....  We have seen no truer nor more vital portraiture of distinctive and important American types.”—­N.Y.  Tribune.

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Our House


Cloth, 12mo.

Mr. Canby, known as a teacher of literature and critic, also as a writer of books on literary subjects, has written a novel, and one of singular appeal.  Its central character is a young man facing the world, taking himself perhaps over-seriously, but genuinely perplexed as to what to do with himself.  Coming back from college to a sleepy city on the borders of the South, his problem is, whether he shall subside into local business affairs, keep up the home which his father has struggled to maintain, or whether he shall follow his instinct and try to do something worth while in literature.  This problem is made intensely practical through the death of his father.  The story of what the young man does is exceedingly interesting.  It takes the hero to New York and into the semi-artificial life of young Bohemia and ultimately brings him back home, where he finds the real happiness and success.

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All the Brothers Were Valiant


Cloth, 12mo.

This is a stirring story of the sea somewhat suggestive in manner of Jack London’s work.  It has to do with two brothers of a sea-going family who go on a cruise with the hope of ultimately finding their older brother, Mark, who was lost on his last voyage.  The adventures which they have on a mid-sea island, where Mark, pagan, pirate, pearl-hunter, is found, are absorbing.  Hidden treasure, mutinies, tropic love, all these are here.  The book thrills with its incident and arouses admiration for its splendid character portrayal.

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