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At ten o’clock Randy seated beside Miss Dayton in the coupe, was riding through the city streets and feeling the wildest excitement as she saw other fine carriages threading their way among scores of pedestrians, hurrying throngs passing in and out of the great stores, electric cars and carriages, and indeed everything which was new and strange to her.

While Helen and Randy were driving about the city, an animated conversation was in progress in a home not far from Miss Dayton’s.

The leader, was a tall, slender girl of about Randy’s age, whose dark eyes spoke of truth and loyalty.  She made a graceful picture when having braided her long, dark hair she proceeded to tie it firmly with a bright scarlet ribbon.

“Of course I shall call upon her,” she was saying.  “I wonder that you ask such a question.  She is Miss Dayton’s friend, and that, in itself, is enough to make me wish to go.  Miss Dayton is all that is lovely and I would do much to please her; but aside from that, this girl is a stranger and I am asked to give her my friendship.  I shall call upon her the day which she has set, and I shall go intending to like Miss Randy Weston.”

She gave the ribbon a determined twitch and a tactful person would have considered the matter settled, as Nina Irwin usually meant what she said; but Polly Lawrence was as tactless as she was fickle, which was saying much, therefore she persisted in her questioning.

“Isn’t Randy a queer name, Nina?  No name in particular is it?”

“Very likely her name is Miranda, and Randy is just a cute little pet name,” said Nina.  “Some people might question if Polly was much of a name, when you were really named Mary, and here is Margaret whom we all call Peggy, much to her disgust.”

“That comes of having brothers,” remarked Peggy.  “No one ever thought of calling me anything but Margaret until Jack started it, and every one seems bent upon doing as Jack does.  Even Polly has decided to wear nothing but red, since that is Howard’s color.  Alas!  My big brother is turning things topsy turvy, when every friend I possess is wearing red, regardless of the color of her hair or complexion.”

“I’ve always liked red,” remarked Polly, “and as to this call, I suppose I shall make it.  No girl can afford to offend the beautiful Miss Dayton, as it might mean the loss of some fine invitations.”

“I intend to please Miss Dayton because I like and admire her, and not for any invitations which I might otherwise miss,” said Nina.  “In her kind little note she speaks of Miss Weston as charming, and if she charms Helen Dayton, she surely will be able to interest me.”

“We might call together,” remarked Peggy, with a lazy little drawl.  “If I promise to call for you, Nina, I shall surely get there, you are so energetic.”

“I’ll call for you, Peggy, and together we’ll call for Nina,” said Polly.  “I confess I’ve no great interest in a country girl, so, if I’m going, I’ll go with you, and perhaps the three of us will be able to make the call a bit lively.”

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