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“Didn’t it seem odd to see so many new scholars this year?” said Randy.  “We must get acquainted with them and help them to enjoy our little pleasures.”

“That is what you and Jotham did when I moved here last year,” said Molly Wilson, “and oh, Randy, I never could begin to tell you how in my heart I thanked you when you came and spoke to me that first lonesome day at school.”

“I knew that I should be glad to have some one speak to me if I had only strangers about me,” said Randy, sweetly.

“How we shall miss Jotham this year,” said Reuben Jenks.

“He’s going on with his studies with the professor here at home this month, but the first of October he’s to be in Cambridge.  The tutor goes back there to teach at the college and Jotham is to board near the university, he says, and have private teachin’.”

“You’ll miss him, Randy, won’t you?” queried little Prue.

“We shall all wish that he were with us,” was Randy’s discreet answer.  Suddenly Prue exclaimed,

“You’ve got a new dress, Molly; it’s a beauty, and it’s just like my Randy’s.”

“So it is,” said Molly.  “I had a birthday a short time ago, and I had a pair of mittens which mother had knit for me to wear this winter, some candy, some shoes and this lovely dress.”

“Who gived you the dress?” asked Prue, innocently.

“That’s what I’d like to know,” was Molly’s answer.  “It was sent to me, and on the bundle it said, ‘From one who loves you.’  I’d give much to tell the one who sent it how lovely I think it is.”

“I like mine better than any dress I’ve had,” said Randy, “and since you think it pretty it’s nice that yours is like it.”

“I don’t know as I’d care what gowns I had if I’d been allowed to go to boarding school,” said Phoebe Small.  “This school is pleasant enough, I like the teacher and of course I like the girls and boys.”

“’Specially the boys,” remarked Reuben Jenks, when a scowl from Phoebe silenced him.

“I think it would be great fun to go away somewhere.  I don’t know as I care where, and see a new school and new faces.  ’Twouldn’t prevent keeping all my old friends just because I made new ones,” said Phoebe in a disconsolate voice.  “It’s just no use to wish,” she continued, “for I wished last night when I saw the moon over my right shoulder, and I don’t, know how many times I’ve wished when I’ve seen the first little star at night.  This morning I found a horse shoe, and stood on it wishing with all my might that ma would let me just try boarding school for one term and I guess that old horse shoe just about finished it, for I ran in and asked ma again, and she put down the pan that she had in her hand and says she,

“’Phoebe Small, if you ask me that again, I believe I shall fly.  I’ve said no to it repeatedly and I meant it.  Now, hurry and get ready for school; you’ll find there’s something yet to be learned there, I’ll be bound.’”

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