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Snow-Birds Gilbert Burling 207
Song Sparrow, The Gilbert Burling 32
Song or Wood Thrush, The Gilbert Burling 66
South Mountain R.E.  Piguet 53
Spanish Postilion Dore 87
Spanish Ladies Dore 87
Sport 240
Squaw Pounding Cherries, Old W.M.  Cary 162
Standish, Miles, Courtship of J.W.  Bolles 151
Street Scene in Cairo, A Opp. 229
Surenen Pass, Switzerland, View in the 134

Temple of Canova 203
Then fare thee well, my country, lov’d and lost! 237
“There’s a Beautiful Spirit Breathing Now” 218
Tight Place, In a W.M.  Cary 76
Tropic Forest, A Granville Perkins 21
Truants, The M.L.  Stone 40

Useful, The Deiker 235
Uttmann, Barbara 68

Venetian Festival, A. (Frontispiece) C.  Hulk
Vischer’s, Peter, Studio 84
Visconti, Princess (After “Fra Bartolomeo”) 108
Villa de Conde, Church at 215
Village Belle, The After J.J.  Hill 228

Waiting at the Stile 147
Watauga Falls R.E.  Piguet 53
Watering the Cattle Peter Moran 171
Wayside Inn, The (After Hill) 107
Weber, Von, Last Moments of 206
What Was That Knot Tied For? (After I.E.  Gaiser) 92
“Which in infancy lisped” 246
“Who Said Rats?” A.H.  Thayer 175
Winter Sketch, A. (Frontispiece) George H. Smillie.  Opp. 149
Wolf, Calf and Goat, The H.L.  Stephens 124
Wood or Summer Ducks Gilbert Burling 179

“Ye limpid springs and floods,” 237
Young Robin Hunter, The John S. Davis 60

Zekle’s Courtin’ Frank Beard 29


VOL.  V. NEW YORK, JANUARY, 1872.  No. 1.


  “MAUD MUeLLER looked and sighed:  ’Ah, me! 
  That I the Judge’s bride might be!

  “’He would dress me up in silks so fine,
  And praise and toast me at his wine.

  “’My father should wear a broad-cloth coat: 
  My brother should sail a painted boat.’

  “’I’d dress my mother so grand and gay,
  And the baby should have a new toy each day.

  “’And I’d feed the hungry and clothe the poor. 
  And all should bless me who left our door.

  “The Judge looked back as he climbed the hill,
  And saw Maud Mueller standing still.

  “’A form more fair, a face more sweet,
  Ne’er hath it been my lot to meet.

  “’And her modest answer and graceful air,
  Show her wise and good as she is fair.

  “’Would she were mine, and I to-day,
  Like her a harvester of hay.’”

  —­Whittier’s Maud Mueller.


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