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OVER TWELVE THOUSAND selected receipts are here collected; Nearly every branch of the useful arts being represented.  It is by far the most comprehensive volume of the kind ever placed before the public.

The work may be regarded as the product of the studies and practical experience of the ablest chemists and workers in all parts of the world; the information given being of the highest value, arranged and condensed in concise form, convenient for ready use.

Almost every inquiry that can be thought of, relating to formulae used in the various manufacturing industries, will here be found answered.

Instructions for working many different processes in the arts are given.  How to make and prepare many different articles and goods are set forth.

Those who are engaged in any branch of industry probably will find in this book much that is of practical value in their respective callings.

Those who are in search of independent business or employment, relating to the manufacture and sale of useful articles, will find in it hundreds of most excellent suggestions.


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Terms of Subscription, $5 a year.

Sent by mail, postage prepaid, to subscribers in any part of the United States or Canada.  Six dollars a year, sent, prepaid, to any foreign country.

All the back numbers of THE SUPPLEMENT, from the commencement, January 1, 1876, can be had.  Price, 10 cents each.

All the back volumes of THE SUPPLEMENT can likewise be supplied.  Two volumes are issued yearly.  Price of each volume, $2.50 stitched in paper, or $3.50 bound in stiff covers.

COMBINED RATES.—­One copy of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN and one copy of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, one year, postpaid, $7.00.

A liberal discount to booksellers, news agents, and canvassers.


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A New Catalogue of Valuable Papers

Contained in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT during the past ten years, sent free of charge to any address.  MUNN & CO., 361 Broadway, New York.

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Useful Engineering Books

Manufacturers, Agriculturists, Chemists, Engineers, Mechanics, Builders, men of leisure, and professional men, of all classes, need good books in the line of their respective callings.  Our post office department permits the transmission of books through the mails at very small cost.  A comprehensive catalogue of useful books by different authors, on more than fifty different subjects, has recently been published, for free circulation, at the office of this paper.  Subjects classified with names of author.  Persons desiring a copy have only to ask for it, and it will be mailed to them.  Address,

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