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Ukawsaw Gronniosaw
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 41 pages of information about A Narrative of the Most Remarkable Particulars in the Life of James Albert Ukawsaw Gronniosaw, an African Prince, as Related by Himself.

Perhaps we have here in some Degree a Solution of that Question that has perplex’d the Minds of so many serious Persons, viz.  In what Manner will God deal with those benighted Parts of the World where the Gospel of Jesus Christ hath never reach’d?  Now it appears from the Experience of this remarkable Person, that God does not save without the Knowledge of the Truth; but, with Respect to those whom he hath fore-known, though born under every outward Disadvantage, and in Regions of the grossest Darkness and Ignorance, he most amazingly acts upon and influences their Minds, and in the Course of wisely and most wonderfully appointed Providences, he brings them to the Means of spiritual Information, gradually opens to their View the Light of his Truth, and gives them full Possession and Enjoyment of the inestimable Blessings of his Gospel.  Who can doubt but that the Suggestion so forcibly press’d upon the Mind of Albert (when a Boy) that there was a Being superior to the Sun, Moon, and Stars (the Objects of African Idolatry) came from the Father of Lights, and was, with Respect to him, the First-Fruit of the Display of Gospel-Glory?  His long and perilous Journey to the Coast of Guinea, where he was sold for a Slave, and so brought into a Christian Land; shall we consider this as the alone Effect of a curious and inquisitive Disposition?  Shall we in accounting for it refer to nothing higher than mere Chance and accidental Circumstances?  Whatever Infidels and Deists may think; I trust the Christian Reader will easily discern an All-wise and Omnipotent Appointment and Direction in these Movements.  He belong’d to the Redeemer of lost Sinners; he was the Purchase of his Cross; and therefore the Lord undertook to bring him by a Way that he knew not, out of Darkness into his marvellous Light, that he might lead him to a saving Heart-Acquaintance and Union with the triune God in Christ reconciling the World unto himself; and not imputing their Trespasses.  As his Call was very extraordinary, so there are certain Particulars exceedingly remarkable in his Experience.  God has put singular Honour upon him in the Exercise of his Faith and Patience, which in the most distressing and pitiable Trials and Calamities have been found to the Praise and Glory of God.  How deeply must it affect a tender Heart, not only to be reduc’d to the last Extremity himself, but to have his Wife and Children perishing for Want before his Eyes!  Yet his Faith did not fail him; he put his Trust in the Lord, and he was delivered.  And at this Instant, though born in an exalted Station of Life, and now under the Pressure of various afflicting Providences, I am persuaded (for I know the Man) he would rather embrace the Dung-hill, having Christ in his Heart, than give up his spiritual Possessions and Enjoyment, to fill the Throne of Princes.  It perhaps may not be amiss to observe that James Albert left his native Country, (as near as I can guess from certain Circumstances) when he was about 15 Years old. 

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