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Early in the afternoon Rex returned, and they caught the 2:45 local up to Delphi.  Kit could hardly keep from looking out of the car window all the time.  Every now and then the rich blueness of the lake would flash through the trees in the distance, and to the westward there stretched long level vistas of prairie land, dipping ravines which unexpectedly led one into woodland ways.  Gradually the bluffs heightened as they neared the Wisconsin line above Waukegan, and just beyond the state line, between the shore and the region of the small lakes, Oconomowoc and Delevan, they came suddenly upon Delphi.  It stood high upon the bluff, its college dominating the shady serenity of its quiet avenues.

“The Dean doesn’t keep a carriage or car,” said Rex as they alighted at the gray stone station covered with clambering vines.  “Besides, he thought I was bringing a boy, who would not mind the hike up the hill!”

“I don’t mind a bit,” returned Kit.  “I like it.  It seems so good to find real hills after all.  I thought everything out here was just prairie.  I do hope they won’t be watching for us.  It will be ever so much easier if I can just walk in before they get any kind of a shock, don’t you know.”

Rex did not tell her which was the house until they came to the two tall sentinel poplars at the entrance to the drive.  Kit caught the murmur of the waves as they broke on the shore below and lifted her chin eagerly.

“Oh, I like it,” she cried.  “This is it, isn’t it?  Isn’t it a dear, drowsy dreamful place?  I only hope they’ll let me stay.”



    “Dearly beloved family:—­

“I can’t stop to write separate letters to-night to all of you, because I’m so full of Delphitis that I can hardly think of anything else.  First of all, Rex met me at the train with his sister Anne.  It’s quite all right to call him Rex, Aunt Daphne says.  No relation to us but he lives next door, and is Uncle Cassius’ pet educational proposition next to your little sister Katherine.
“Mother’s letter had not arrived, and they were expecting ‘brother’ any moment, when Rex and I walked in on them, and right here I must say they showed presence of mind, and what Cousin Roxy would call resignation to the ways of Providence.  The Dean’s eyes twinkled as Rex explained things, and then I kissed Aunt Daphne, and explained to her too, and I’m sure that she was relieved.  After Rex had gone, the Dean took me into his study after dinner, and we had a long heart-to-heart talk.  I want you all to understand that he thinks I’m a good specimen of the undeveloped feminine brain.
“I am going to enter the preparatory class at the college in October, and take what the Dean calls supplementary lessons from him along special lines.  I don’t quite know
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