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The supplies are not deficient; on the contrary, he has provided them, and he demands that if by a failure to carry out the enterprise, or by not departing in season with the said ship, the said assistance does not attain the desired end, or some loss occurs, or any other evil result follows, it shall be charged to their account and be at their responsibility, and not at that of his Lordship.  For he on his part has complied with everything asked from him, by word of mouth or in writing, by the said Senor Andres Hurtado de Mendoca; and has done it with the good-will and care requisite in a matter of so great importance and consequence, and of so great service to the royal person of the king our lord, and the advantage and peace of this kingdom.  Thus I order, direct, and attest.  Let an official copv of this declaration and the answer thereto be made, that for all time the zeal with which I have attended to the affairs of the royal service may be made plain.

Don Pedro de Acuna

Before me: 

Francisco Sarmiento


In the city of Manila, on the third of October of the said year, I, clerk of the government, read the above official act, communicated it word by word, and gave notice of it to Father Andres Pereyra of the Society of Jesus and to Captain Antonio de Brito in person.  When they had heard the contents thereof they declared that they were ready to undertake the direction and completion of the enterprise, and that in execution thereof they would go on the following day, or the second day at latest, and embark in the said vessel at the port of Cauite for the island of Panay, as they were directed.  This they gave as their answer.  As witnesses there affixed their signatures:  Father Diego Sanchez, of the Society of Jesus; General Don Juan Ronquillo; and the sargento-mayor Captain Christoual de Azqueta.

Andre Pereyra Antonio de Brito Fogassa Francisco Sarmiento

I, Francisco Sarmiento, clerk of the government of these Philipinas Islands for the king our lord, was present at that of which I make mention above, and caused this copy to be made of the said official act which was in the archives of my said office, with the notification to them of the request made by Senor Don Pedro de Acuna, governor and captain-general of these said islands.  This is a corrected, exact, and faithful copy.  Witnesses of the correction and accuracy are:  Geronimo Suarez and Juan de Aldabe, citizens of this city of Manila.  Made therein, on the seventh of October, one thousand six hundred and two.  Interlineations:  nao, el, Vala.  In testimony of the truth, I have affixed my seal.

Francisco Sarmiento


Letter of Pedro de Acuna to Felipe III


By the ships that left these islands this year for Nueva Hespana I wrote for your Majesty, in duplicate, an account of my voyage and arrival here, and of the other events which have happened to me; and as a ship was about to depart for Malaca I was unwilling to let slip the opportunity to write these lines and to send them in it by way of Yndia, that your Majesty might be informed of what other events have taken place and have come under my notice.

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