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Rice.  Five thousand fanegas of clean rice, a little more or less, at three reals a fanega—­the price at which it is received in tribute, although at present the market price here is a peso and a half a fanega.  Total:  one thousand eight hundred and seventy-five pesos.

Meat.  Three hundred young beeves, at six pesos each, including salt and earthen jars.  Total:  one thousand eight hundred pesos.

Wine.  Two hundred jars of wine, at ten reals apiece, including the jars.  Total:  two hundred and fifty pesos.

Nails.  Eight hundred quintals of nails and spikes, at seven pesos a quintal.  Total:  five hundred and sixty pesos.

Gunpowder.  Forty quintals of gunpowder, at two reals and a half a libra—­the price at which it is given to the infantry because of the small pay they receive, although it costs his Majesty more than four reals a libra.  Total:  one thousand two hundred and fifty pesos.

Cloth.  Three hundred pieces of cloth from Ylocos at four reals and a half.  Total:  one hundred and sixty-eight pesos, and four tomins.

Idem.  Seven hundred varas of Castilian sail-cloth at six reals a vara.  Total:  five hundred and twenty-five pesos.

Needles.  A hundred sail-needles, at a real:  twelve pesos and four tomins.

Thread.  Three quintals of cotton thread, at eighteen pesos a quintal:  fifty-four pesos.

Oil.  Thirty jars of oil for galagala, [2] at a peso and a half:  forty-five pesos.

Infantry.  Two hundred private soldiers, one hundred and sixty-five being arquebusiers, at six pesos a month; and thirty-five musketeers at eight pesos; their pay for eight months comes to ten thousand one hundred and sixty pesos.  The pay of the commandant and two captains, with their officers, for the said eight months comes to two thousand pesos.

Seamen.  Twenty-two seamen to go with the ships carrying the reenforcements receive a hundred and fifty pesos a year, and rations.  Total for the said eight months:  two thousand two hundred pesos.  A pilot, whose pay, at six hundred pesos a year, amounts for eight months to four hundred pesos.  A master, whose pay, at three hundred pesos a year, amounts for eight months to two hundred pesos.  Three gunners in the ship “Santa Potenciana,” at two hundred pesos a year, and rations; for eight months, four hundred and fifty pesos.  Twenty Indian deck-hands, at two pesos a month.  Total:  three hundred and twenty pesos.

Grand total:  twenty-two thousand two hundred and seventy pesos.

Francisco de las Missas Jhoan de Bustamante Ventura de St. Tillen

Official Statement in Regard to the Re-enforcement at Maluco

(To be sent to his Majesty)

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