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Chirino gives some description of the island of Mindanao and its characteristics.  He praises the bravery of its people, of which he relates some instances.  The Jesuits Ledesma and Martinez open a mission in the southern part of the island, and soon obtain many conversions, including those of several chiefs; the circumstances of some of these are narrated.  Juan del Campo and a lay brother accompany Figueroa on his expedition to the Rio Grande of Mindanao, where the governor is slain; soon after, the priest dies, of whose life and virtues Chirino gives a brief sketch.

The thanks of the Editors, for useful information, loan of books, and other valued favors, are extended to the following persons:  Edward E. Ayer, Chicago; Rev. E.I.  Devitt, S.J., Georgetown College, Washington, D.C.; James H. Canfield, librarian of Columbia University, New York; Asa C. Tilton, School of History, University of Wisconsin; Herbert E. Bolton, Department of History, University of Texas; William Beer, librarian of Howard Memorial Library, New Orleans; Roland G. Usher, Boston; James A. LeRoy, U.S. consul, Durango, Mexico; David P. Barrows, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Manila; T.H.  Pardo de Tavera, member of U.S.  Philippine Commission, Manila; Rev. A. Coleman, O.P., and Arthur S. Riggs, Manila; Rev. Anthony Huonder, S.J., editor of Katholischer Missionen, Luxemburg; Rev. Francesco Ehrle, S.J., prefect, and Mons. Mariano Ugolini, of Vatican Library, Rome; Mons. Wenzel, Vatican Archives; Rev. Alphonse Giroux, S.S., Colegium Canadense, Rome; Rev. Antonio Ceriani, prefect of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan; Paul Lemosof, Societe de Geographie, Paris; Antonio Graino y Martinez, Madrid; Jose Maria de Valdenebro, University of Sevilla; Jose Gonzalez Verger, Archivo general de Indias, Sevilla; C.J.  Zulueta, collecting librarian for the government of the Philippine Islands, now at Sevilla.  Also to officials of the following libraries:  British Museum, London; Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris; Biblioteca Vittorio Emanuele, Rome; Ecole de Ste. Genevieve, Paris.  Favors have also been received from many of the persons to whom acknowledgment was tendered in Vol.  I of this series.

The Editors

February, 1904.

DOCUMENTS OF 1601-1602

Expedition to the Malucas Islands.  Arias de Saldanha, and others; 1601-02.  Principal points in regard to the trade of the Filipinas.  Alonso Fernandez de Castro; [undated; 1602?].  Various documents relating to commerce.  Fray Martin Ignacio de Loyola, and others; [ca. 1602].  Letter to Felipe III.  Antonio de Morga; December 1, 1602.

Source:  All these documents are obtained from the Archivo general de Indias—­from MSS., except the second, which is a rare printed pamphlet.

Translations:  The first document is translated by Henry B. Lathrop, of the University of Wisconsin; the second, by Jose M. and Clara M. Asensio, and Emma Helen Blair; the third, by James A. Robertson; the fourth, by Norman F. Hall, of Harvard University.

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