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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 205 pages of information about A Dialogue Concerning Oratory, Or The Causes Of Corrupt Eloquence.

VIENNAE, a city of Narbonese Gaul; now Vienne, in Dauphine.

VINDELICI, a people inhabiting the country of Vindelicia, near the Danube, with the Raehti to the south; now part of Bavaria and Suabia.

VINDONISSA, now Windisch, in the canton of Bern, in Swisserland.

VISURGIS, a river of Germany, made famous by the slaughter of Varus and his legions; now the Weser, running north between Westphalia and Lower Saxony, into the German Sea.

VOCETIUS MONS, a mountain of the Helvetii, thought to be the roughest part of Mount Jura, to which the Helvetii fled when defeated by Caecina.  See Hist. i. s. 67.

VOLSCI, a powerful people of ancient Latium, extending from Antium, their capital, to the Upper Liris, and the confines of Campania.

VULSINII, or VOLSINII, a city of Etruria, the native place of Sejanus; now Bolseno, or Bolsenna.


ZEUGMA, a town on the Euphrates, famous for a bridge over the river.  See Pliny, lib, v. s. 24.

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