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UBIAN ALTAR, an altar erected by the Ubii, on their removal to the western side of the Rhine, in honour of Augustus; but whether this was at a different place, or the town of the Ubii, is not known.

UBII, a people originally of Germany, but transplanted by Augustus to the west side of the Rhine, under the conduct of Agrippa.  Their capital was then for a long time called Oppidum Ubiorum, and, at last, changed by the empress Agrippina to Colonia Agrippinensis; now Cologne, the capital of the electorate of that name.

UMBRIA, a division of Italy, to the south-east of Etruria, between the Adriatic and the Nar.

UNSINGIS, a river of Germany, running into the sea, near Groningen; now the Hunsing.

URBINUM, now Urbino, a city for ever famous for having given birth to Raphael, the celebrated painter.

USIPII, or USIPETES, a people of Germany, who, after their expulsion by the Catti, settled near Paderborn.  See Manners of the Germans, s. 32. and note a.

USPE, a town in the territory of the Siraci; now destroyed.


VADA, a town on the left-hand side of the Nile, in the island of Batavia.

VAHALIS, a branch of the Rhine; now the Waal.  See Manners of the Germans, s. 29. and note a.

VANGIONES, originally inhabitants of Germany, but afterwards settled in Gaul; now the diocese of Worms.

VASCONES, a people who inhabited near the Pyrenees, occupying lands both in Spain and Gaul.

VELABRUM, a place at Rome, between Mount Aventine and Mount Palatine, generally under water, from the overflowing of the Tiber.  Propertius describes it elegantly, lib. iv. eleg. x.

     Qua Velabra suo stagnabant flumine, quaque
       Nauta per urbanas velificabat aquas.

VELINUS, a lake in the country of the Sabines.

VENETI, a people of Gallia Celtica, who inhabited what is now called Vannes, in the south of Britanny, and also a considerable tract on the other side of the Alps, extending from the Po along the Adriatic, to the mouth of the Ister.

VERCELLAE, now Vercelli in Piedmont.

VERONA, now Verona, in the territory of Venice, on the Adige.

VESONTIUM, the capital of the Sequani; now Besancon, the chief city of Burgundy.

VETERA, i.e.  Vetera Castra.  The Old Camp, which was a fortified station for the legions; now Santen, in the duchy of Cleves, not far from the Rhine.

VIA SALARIA, a road leading from the salt-works at Ostia to the country of the Sabines.

VIADRUS, now the Oder, running through Silesia, Brandenburg, Pomerania, and discharging itself into the Baltic.

VICETIA, now Vicenza, a town in the territory of Venice.

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