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TAUNUS, a mountain of Germany, on the other side of the Rhine; now Mount Heyrick, over-against Mentz.

TAURANNITII, a people who occupied a district of Armenia Major, not far from Tigranocerta.

TAURI, a people inhabiting the Taurica Chersonesus, on the Euxine.  The country is now called Crim Tartary.

TAURINI, a people dwelling at the foot of the Alps.  Their capital was called, after Augustus Caesar, who planted a colony, there, Augusta Taurinorum.  The modern name is Turin, the capital of Piedmont.

TAURUS, the greatest mountain in Asia, extending from the Indian to the AEgean Sea; said to be fifty miles over, and fifteen hundred long.  Its extremity to the north is called Imaus.

TELEBOAE, a people of AEolia or Acarnania in Greece, who removed to Italy, and settled in the isle of Capreae.

TEMNOS, an inland town of AEolia, in the Hither Asia.

TENCTERI, a people of Germany.  See the Manners of the Germans, s. 32.

TENOS, one of the Cyclades.

TERMES, a city in the Hither Spain; now a village called Tiermes, in

TERRACINA, a city of the Volsci in Latium, near the mouth of the Ufens, on the Tuscan Sea; now called Terracina, in the territory of Rome.

TEUTOBURGIUM, a forest in Germany, rendered famous by the slaughter of Varus and his legions.  It began in the country of the Marsi, and extended to Paderborn, Osnaburg, and Munster, between the Ems and the Luppia.

THALA, a town in Numidia, destroyed in the war of Julius Caesar against

THEBAE, a very ancient town in the Higher Egypt, on the east side of the Nile, famous for its hundred gates.  Another city of the same name in Boeotia, in Greece, said to have been built by Cadmus.  It had the honour of producing two illustrious chiefs, Epaminondas and Pelopidas, and Pindar the celebrated poet.  Alexander rased it to the ground; but spared the house and family of Pindar.

THERMES otherwise THERMA, a town in Macedonia, afterwards called Thessalonica, famous for two epistles of St. Paul to the Thessalonians.  The city stood at the head of a large bay, called Thermaeus Sinus; now Golfo di Salonichi.

THESSALY, a country of Greece, formerly a great part of Macedonia.

THRACIA, an extensive region, bounded to the north by Mount Haemus, to the south by the AEgean Sea, and by the Euxine and Propontis to the east.  In the time of Tiberius it was an independent kingdom, but afterwards made a Roman province.

THUBASCUM, a town of Mauritania in Africa.

THURII, a people of ancient Italy, inhabiting a part of Lucania, between the rivers Crathis (now Crate), and Sybaris (now Sibari).

TIBER, a town of ancient Latium, situate on the Anio, about twenty miles from Rome.  Here Horace had his villa, and it was the frequent retreat of Augustus.  Now Tivoli.

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