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SEGESTUM, a town of Sicily, near Mount Eryx, famous for a temple sacred to the Erycinian Venus.

SELEUCIA, a city of Mesopotamia, situate at the confluence of the Euphrates and the Tigris; now called Bagdad.  We find in ancient geography several cities of this name.

SEMNONES, a people of Germany, called by Tacitus the most illustrious branch of the Suevi.  They inhabited between the Albis and Viadrus.

SENENSIS COLONIA, now Sienna, in Tuscany.

SENONES, inhabitants of Celtic Gaul, situate on the Sequana (now the Seine); a people famous for their invasion of Italy, and taking and burning Rome A.U.C. 364.

SEQUANI, a people of Belgic Gaul, inhabiting the country now called Franche Comte or the Upper Burgundy, and deriving their name from the Sequana (now the Seine), which, rising near Dijon in Burgundy, runs through Paris, and, traversing Normandy, falls into the British Channel near Havre de Grace.

SERIPHOS, a small island in the AEgean Sea, one of the Cyclades:  now Serfo, or Serfanto.

SICAMBRI, an ancient people of Lower Germany, between the Maese and the Rhine, where Guelderland is.  They were transplanted by Augustus to the west side of the Rhine.  Horace says to that emperor, Te caede gaudentes Sicambri compositis venerantur armis.

SILURES, a people of Britain, situate on the Severn and the Bristol Channel; now South Wales, comprising Glamorgan, Radnorshire, Hereford, and Monmouth.  See Camden.

SIMBRUINI COLLES, the Simbruine Hills, so called from the Simbruina Stagna, or lakes formed by the river Anio, which gave the name of Sublaqueum to the neighbouring town.

SINOPE, one of the most famous cities in the territory of Pontus.  It was taken by Lucullus in the Mithridatic war, and afterwards received Roman colonies.  It was the birth-place of Diogenes the cynic, who was banished from his country.  The place is still called Sinope, a port town of Asiatic Turkey, on the Euxine.

SINUESSA, a town of Latium, on the confines of Campania, beyond the river Liris (now called Garigliano).  The place was much frequented for the salubrity of its waters.

SIPYLUS, a mountain of Lydia, near which Livy says the Romans obtained a complete victory over Antiochas.

SIRACI, a people of Asia, between the Euxine and the Caspian Seas.

SMYRNA, a city of Ionia in the Hither Asia, which laid a claim to the birth of Homer.  The name of Smyrna still remains in a port town of Asiatic Turkey.

SOPHENE, a country between the Greater and the Lesser Armenia; now called Zoph.

SOZA, a city of the Dandaridae.

SPELUNCA, a small town near Fondi, on the coast of Naples.

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