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MUTINA, now Modena, a city of Lombardy, in Italy.

MYRINA, a town of AEolis, or AEolia, in the Hither Asia; now Sanderlik.


NABALIA, the name of the channel made by Drusus from the Rhine to the river Sala; now the Ysell.  See Annals, ii. s. 8.

NABATHAEI, a people between the Euphrates and the Red Sea; comprehending Arabia Petraea, and bounded by Palestine on the north.

NAR, a river which rises in Umbria, and, falling into the lake Velinus, rushes thence with a violent and loud cascade, and empties itself into the Tiber.

NARBON GAUL, the southern part of Gaul, bounded by the Pyrenees to the west, the Mediterranean to the south, and the Alps and the Rhine to the east.

NARNIA, a town of Umbria, on the river Nar; now Narni, in the territory of the Pope.

NAUPORTUM, a town on a cognominal river in Pannonia.

NAVA, a river of Gallia Belgica, which runs north-east into the west side of the Rhine; now the Nahe.

NAVARIA, now Novara, a city of Milan.

NEMETES, a people originally of Germany, removed to the diocese of Spire, on the Rhine.

NICEPHORUS, a river of Asia that washes the walls of Tigranocerta, and runs into the Tigris; D’Anville says, now called Khabour.

NICOPOLIS:  there were several towns of this name, viz. in Egypt, Armenia, Bithynia, on the Euxine, &c.  A town of the same name was built by Augustus, on the coast of Epirus, as a monument of his victory at Actium.

NINOS, the capital of Assyria; called also Nineve.

NISIBIS, a city of Mesopotamia, at this day called Nesibin.

NOLA, a city of Campania, on the north-east of Vesuvius.  At this place Augustus breathed his last:  it retains its old name to this day.

NORICUM, a Roman province, bounded by the Danube on the north, by the Alpes Noricae on the south, by Pannonia on the east, and Vindelicia on the west; now containing a great part of Austria, Tyrol, Bavaria, &c.

NOVESIUM, a town of the Ubii in Gallia Belgica; now Nuys, on the west side of the Rhine, in the electorate of Cologne.

NUCERIA, a city of Campania; now Nocera.

NUMIDIA, a celebrated kingdom of Africa, bordering on Mauritania, and bounded to the north by the Mediterranean; now Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, &c. the eastern part of the kingdom of Algiers.  Syphax was king of one part, and Masinissa of the other.


OCRICULUM, a town of Umbria, near the confluence of the Nar and the Tiber; now Otricoli, in the duchy of Spoletto.

ODRYSAE, a people situated in the western part of Thrace, how a province of European Turkey.

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