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MAURITANIA, a large region of Africa, extending from east to west along the Mediterranean, divided by the emperor Claudius into Caesariensis, the eastern part, and Tingitana, the western.  It had Numidia to the east, and Getulia to the south; and was also bounded by the Atlantic ocean, the straits of Gibraltar, and the Mediterranean to the north.  The natives were called Mauri, and thence the name of Mauritania; now Barbary.

MEDIA, a country of the Farther Asia, bounded on the west by Armenia, on the east by Parthia, on the north by the Caspian Sea, on the south by Persia. Ecbatana was the capital.

MEDIOLANUM, now Milan in Italy.

MEDIOMATRICI, a people of Gallia Belgica; now the diocese of Metz.

MELITENE, a city of Cappadocia.

MEMPHIS, a city of Egypt, famous for its pyramids.

MENAPII, a people of Belgia; now Brabant and Flanders.

MESOPOTAMIA, a large country in the middle of Asia; so called, because it lies, [Greek:  mesae potamon], between two rivers, the Euphrates on the west, and the Tigris on the east.

MESSENA, or MESSANA, an ancient and celebrated city of Sicily, on the strait between that island and Italy.  It still retains the name of Messina.

MEVANIA, a town of Umbria, near the Clitumnus, a river that runs from east to west into the Tiber.

MILETUS, an ancient city of Ionia, in Asia Minor; now totally destroyed.

MILVIUS PONS, a bridge over the Tiber, at the distance of two miles from Rome, on the Via Flamminia; now called Ponte-Molle.

MINTURNAE, a town on the confines of Campania, near the river Liris.

MISENUM, a promontory of Campania, with a good harbour, near the Sinus Puteolanus, or the bay of Naples, on the north side.  It was the station for the Roman fleets.  Now Capo di Miseno.

MITYLENE, the capital city of the isle of Lesbos, and now gives name to the whole island.

MONA, an island separated from the coast of the Ordovices by a narrow strait, the ancient seat of the Druids.  Now the isle of Anglesey.

MONAECI PORTUS, now Monaco, a port town in the territory of Genoa.

MORINI, a people of Belgia, inhabiting the diocese of Tournay, and the country about St. Omer and Boulogne.

MOSA, a large river of Belgic Gaul; it receives a branch of the Rhine, called Vahalis, and falls into the German Ocean below the Briel.  It is now the Maese, or Meuse.

MOSELLA, a river, which, running through Lorrain, falls into the Rhine at Coblentz, now called the Moselle.

MOSTENI, the common name of the people and their town on the river Hermus, in Lydia.

MUSULANI, an independent savage people in Africa, on the confines of Carthage, Numidia, and Mauritania.

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