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LUGDUNUM BATAVORUM, a town of the Batavi, now Leyden in Holland.  There was another town of the name in Gallia Celtica, at the confluence of the Arar (the Saone) and the Rhodanus (the Rhone).  The place is now called Lyons.

LUPPIA, a river of Westphalia; now the Lippe.

LUSITANIA, now the kingdom of Portugal, on the west of Spain, formerly a part of it.

LYCIA, a country in Asia Minor, bounded by Pamphylia, Phrygia, and the Mediterranean.

LYDIA, an inland country of Asia Minor, formerly governed by Croesus; now Carasia.

LYGII, an ancient people of Germany, who inhabited the country now called Silesia, and also part of Poland.


MACEDONIA, a large country, rendered famous by Philip of Macedon and his son Alexander; now a province of the Turkish empire, bounded by Servia and Bulgaria to the north, by Greece to the south, by Thrace and the Archipelago to the east, and by Epirus to the west.

MAEOTIS PALUS, a lake of Sarmatia Europaea, still known by the same name, and reaching from Crim Tartary to the mouth of the Tanais (the Don).

MAESIA, a district of the ancient Illyricum, bordering on Pannonia, containing what is now called Bulgaria, and part of Servia.

MAGNESIA:  there were anciently three cities of the name; one in Ionia, on the Maeander, which, it is said, was given to Themistocles by Artaxerxes, with these words, to furnish his table with bread; it is now called Guzel-Hissard, in Asiatic Turkey:  the second was at the foot of Mount Sipylus, in Lydia; but has been destroyed by earthquakes:  the third Magnesia was a maritime town of Thessaly, on the Egean Sea.

MAGONTIACUM, a town of Gallia Belgica; now Mentz, situate at the confluence of the Rhine and the Maine.

MARCODURUM, a village of Gallia Belgica; now Duren on the Roer.

MARCOMANIANS, a people of Germany, between the Rhine, the Danube, and the Neckar.  They removed to the country of the Boii, and having expelled the inhabitants, occupied the country now called Bohemia.  See Manners of the Germans, s. 42.

MARDI, a people of the Farther Asia, near the Caspian Sea.


MARSACI, a people in the north of Batavia, inhabiting the sea-coast.

MARSI, a people of Italy, who dwelt round the Lacus Fucinus.  Another people called Marsi, in Germany, to the south of the Frisii, in the country now called Paderborne and Munster.

MASSILLIA, a town of Gallia Narbonensis, formerly celebrated for polished manners and learning; now Marseilles, a port town of Provence.

MATTIACI, a branch of the Catti in Germany.  Their capital town was

MATTIUM, supposed now to be Marpourg in Hesse.

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