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JAPHA, a strong place, both by nature and art, in the Lower Galilee, not far from Jotapata; now Saphet.

JAZYGES, a people of Sarmatia Europaea, situate on this side of the Palus Maeotis, near the territory of Maroboduus, the German king.

JUGANTES, said by Camden to be the same as the Brigantes, but Brotier thinks it probable that they were a distinct, people.


LACUS LEMANUS, now the Lake of Geneva.

LANGOBARDI, a people of Germany, between the Elbe and the Oder, in part of what is now called Brandenburg.

LANUVIUM, a town of Latium, about sixteen miles from Rome; now Civita Lavinia.

LAODICEA, a town of Phrygia, called, to distinguish it from other cities of the same name, Laodicea ad Lycum.  Spon, in his account of his travels, says it is rased to the ground, except four theatres built, with marble, finely polished, and in as good condition as if they were modern structures; now called Ladik.

LAODICEA AD MARE, a considerable town on the coast of Syria, well built, with a commodious harbour.

LATIUM, the country of the Latini, so called from king Latinus; contained at first within narrow bounds, but greatly enlarged under the Alban kings and the Roman consuls, by the accession of the AEqui, Volsci, Hernici, &c.

LECHAEUM, the west port of Corinth, which the people used for their Italian trade, as they did Cenchrae for their eastern or Asiatic.

LEPTIS, there were in Africa two ancient cities of the name, Leptis magna, and Leptis parva.  The first (now called Lebeda) was in the territory of Tripoli; the second, a town on the Mediterranean, not far from Carthage.

LESBOS, an island in the Egean Sea, near the coast of Asia; the birth-place of Sappho:  now called Metelin.

LEUCI, a people of Gallia Belgica, to the north of the Lingones, between the Moselle and the Meuse.

LIBYA, the name given by the Greeks to all Africa; but, properly speaking, it was an interior part of Africa.

LIGERIS; now the Loire.

LIGURIA, a country of Italy, divided into the maritime, Ligus Ora; and the inland Liguria; both between the Apennine to the south, the Maritime Alps to the west, and the Po to the north.  It contained what is now called Ferrara, and the territories of Genoa.

LINGONES, a people of Gallia Belgica, inhabiting the country about Langres and Dijon.

LONGOBARDI, or LANGOBORDI, a people of Germany, between the Elbe and the Oder.  See Manners of the Germans, s. 40 note a.

LUCANIA, a country of ancient Italy; now called the Basilicate.

LUGDUNUM, a city of ancient Gaul; now Lyons.

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